Worrying About an Upcoming Care Placement Detracted From My Present

This certainly wasn’t my intended blog for the week but I was compelled to share it because reviewing a difficult upcoming placement resulted in two days of low, heavy vibrations that completely drained the happiness that I should have been appreciating during this long-awaited, highly anticipated break!

I had just finished placement and I was already going through the brief for the next one starting in a week – regrets for having taken it, the possible problems facing me, the looming discomfort, and the list goes on!

Coupled with the feeling of guilt for having so much time off, the financial implications of that unpaid leave – all seemed to take away from the fact that I actually deserved this break! My subconscious programming was taking over again and I had slipped into the habit of responding to a past that no longer served me and a future which hasn’t even happened. My power lies in the now and I had given that away!

It is evident that the Universe will continue to present the same experiences disguised in different situations until such time as the lesson is understood and consolidated. Until we master that ‘knowing’ without a logical explanation and allow the intellect and intuition to meet at a coherent setpoint – we will always be at loggerheads with past programming vs new insightful moments of clarity. – Wow-what a mouthful – this is what it means…

Our biology is impacted on by our sub-consciousness, and fearful, uncomfortable feelings can be avoided by harnessing our attention and re-establishing our intention to live in the present and not become a victim of our memories or unpleasant imagined future.

Love, appreciation and ultimately forgiveness are the glue of unity consciousness and the key to moving on and learning from poor choices governed by situations beyond our control.

“If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” –Buddha

So my message to you is ‘never make decisions or react to things when you are emotionally unstable – take stock of what you are facing – process your emotions rather than suppress them and be kind to yourself.

Habitually life pulls us from the present and that lesson came with a price – with me a wasted two days of worry and anxiety. Of course, identifying impending scenarios through associations with things that have happened in the past is important for self-preservation but that prevents us from standing peacefully rooted in the present and seeing through life’s lens with clarity.

We continue through this journey being torn between two worlds – a victim of time, a human concept, an illusion that doesn’t actually exist. A casualty of the past and a slave to the future and with that comes to a sense of unease that prevents us from enjoying life and finding happiness.

Ultimately there is no redemption to be found in time so rather surrender to what is here right now

I was reminded that every day, we are writing our own personal history. Choose to change and make it a good one because if we weren’t here we would be somewhere else and each moment has a hidden gem, an opportunity to make the unconscious conscious and shift our perception to a spontaneous unfolding of ease and joy.

“Accept your past without regret, handle your present with confidence, and face your future without fear”  – Buddha