Why the Collective Energy is So Important!

“In the beginning of Buddhist practice, our ability to serve others is limited. The emphasis is on healing ourselves, transforming our minds and hearts. But as we continue, we become stronger and increasingly able to serve others”. The Little Book of Buddhism by Renuka Singh

Taking the next leap in my journey was to follow my heart and sign up with the “Visionary Business School” under the guidance of Ryan Eliason. I had reached a point in my care work where I started to feel isolated and needed to connect with other like-minded individuals. I was ready to invest in my passion and live out my purpose.

I ‘attracted’ and continue to revel in, a support team of creative, inspiring souls all seeking the same end result – a spiritual liberation that goes beyond ourselves and extends to a life of service. 

I was happier, more fulfilled and more peaceful than I have been throughout my life and I wanted to share that in the hope of inspiring others, and genuinely being involved somehow in the evolution of humanity. 

But I knew that in order to uplift others I needed to make sure that I continually replenished myself otherwise I would have nothing available to offer.

I needed to continue feeling good in spite of the external conditions that may exist in my work, in the hope of encouraging our community to live unconditional lives where possible and to do this I had to lead by example.

“I bless the world because I bless myself”  Course of Miracles Lesson 187

This sense of belonging gave me an instant surge of energy and intention infused with the courage to share my purpose, vision and mission in a forum where everyone expresses, in one way or another, the same burning desire to uplift and serve. 

In such a nurturing environment fears and doubts start to dissolve and a sense of community triumphs over control and competition.  

Suddenly when our focus is on something bigger than ourselves that’s when miracles begin to happen as we lean into our vulnerable side and let ourselves be seen…

“It’s time that you let the world see your gifts and talents, put them on display. 

No one can see your greatness or potential when you’re hiding away from the world and making yourself small. You can’t blame others for not seeing your greatness when you’re not seeing it within yourself often enough. It’s time to embrace the unknown and time to put yourself out there into the world. You can’t keep living within the limits of your fears and your past. Claim your brilliance and stand in your light. Let yourself be seen!”

I feel that it is my time to gather up momentum and receive guidance to start a business that is not only in alignment with my true authentic self but embraces a palpable responsibility to use the gifts that have been entrusted to me by God, for the greater good of all.

All I needed to do is trust. Trust in myself and listen to my soul, trust in others and their own connection to me and the Universe, and trust in the Source of being and the mystery of Divine intelligence. 

As these partnerships are strengthened and developed through collective energy we open ourselves up to infinite possibilities where everyone’s a winner!

“We are like droplets of water in an ocean of consciousness; individual to an extent, but those droplets together make up the ocean — without the droplets there is no ocean. It is the same with this infinite energy mind we call creation/god. We are not part of that infinity — we are that infinity if we open ourselves up to reconnect with it. Wherever you stand in infinity, you are at the center of infinity. So everything that exists is everything that exists. I am everything that exists; and so are you — the more you realize that, the more you open up to the full infinity of who you are.”

David Icke