What Would The Divine Do?

Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
— Viktor E. Frankl (psychologist, Holocaust survivor and Author of Man’s Search for Meaning)

I would love to share with you how the bracelet idea emanated, the thoughts behind its creation, and the profound influence that this quote had on its inception.
The inspiration comes from harnessing the power of the space which facilitates choice. If we can learn to recognize, increase, and make use of it – my belief is that visual awareness of a bracelet can promote a valuable pause to disengage from the dictates of both external and internal pressures.
The concept is that when the space between stimulus and response is so small, we live as reactive beings but when it is increased there is less chance of triggering the amygdala (that part of the brain that controls our emotions), and we can take our power back as conscious beings.

“Silence was meaningful with the Indian,
and his granting a space of silence before talking was done
in the practice of true politeness and regardful of the rule
that thought comes before speech
Chief Luther Standing Bear – Oglala Sioux

Those who work in the care industry would be my target audience. A group of beautiful people with one intended purpose in life – to love and serve others.
In our profession, we are constantly faced with the backlash of an egocentric world but have a huge responsibility to bridge the gap of separateness. Our clients are vulnerable and we need to remain open, expanded and committed to modifying reactions to difficult situations. We are continuously challenged and could do with the extra help that presents itself through the physical representation of who we really are!
The design would offer up its own set of challenges. Each bracelet would be identical as we are all extensions of Source and it is only the diversity of our physical appearances that has created our separateness under the ego’s ruthless control.
Symbolically, It would encapsulate everything to do with love and Universal peace. The possible use of a Yantra, a revelatory symbol of cosmic truth in the sacred language of Sanskrit or the subtle inclusion of a mantra as a seed for energizing an intention.
Maybe the use of neutral symbols that have no preconceived meanings – or perhaps the use of the Sumerian symbol for God so that individual interpretation and meaning can appeal to the diversity of beliefs that we as humans have created.
At this point, there were no rules but instead playful creation, although the message was clear…

WWTDD – What Would the Divine Do
in this situation …

We are all one with source, pure spirit with a common origin and the idea is that a simple creation may unite us in thought, word and deed.
I have loved this process of creation, and fully acknowledge that as I move closer to what my real purpose is and begin to tune in to a new reality of living, being, having and doing in the freedom that only comes from being God – I have the power to act as he would have done, and this beautiful bracelet becomes a powerful reminder of who I truly am…

“God is within me
I will not fail”
Psalm 46:5

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