What We Eat & Coronavirus….Nature Hits Back Again

I don’t normally like to take a strong opinion on matters but felt that it may be worth putting my feelings out there in the hope that others may pick up on the collective concern of what is happening in our world today with specific regards to an outbreak of the Coronavirus, a new type of respiratory infection. 

The belief is that the virus originated late last year in a food market in the Chinese city of Wuhan that was illegally selling wildlife. The State has gone into overdrive mode, building hospitals from scratch in two weeks, locking down tens of millions of people and banning all travel. 

We need to believe that there is nothing to be afraid of! Fear is the lowest frequency on this planet and the only way out of the ‘matrix’ is to let love guide us – so for the sake of those in danger let us be mindful of the vibration and hold a safe space for everyone affected. We have been offered the opportunity to navigate the external chaos differently, practice discernment, and in so doing learn from the experience.

My heart goes out to the souls who have opted to be victims and sacrificed their lives for our evolution – but have we evolved? How many global disease outbreaks do we need before we actually get it? We need to look beyond the disease and take cognisance of the part we have played as humans in these repeat pandemics – we have to pay attention to what is really going on and to do that we need to take a trip down the rabbit hole!

‘Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty’

Albert Einstein

These virus outbreaks are unavoidable and nature send them here to teach us. Our collective is undergoing a massive reactivation to transform the physical systems that need to change and our very own soul system that needs to be reawakened by asking ourselves – ‘what is really going on here, what is hidden behind the veil and how can I remain grounded so that I can contribute to the healing process that needs to accompany such global losses.’ 

Fear driven racism is rife and there is an obvious attempt to create further separateness. Fueled by the media, many people have been sidetracked by criticising the Chinese and their ‘disturbing’ food preferences – but who are we to judge? Modern “accepted” mass production and slaughter of cattle, pigs, chickens… has been normalised, we are disconnected and brainwashed into thinking that slaughter is more humane than hunting for your food – crazy meaningless comparisons.

‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated’ 

Mohandas K. Gandhi

This is what happens when egos get involved and humans have a massive ego – we think we can do whatever and eat whatever, conveniently ignoring the fact that animals are living creatures ‘conscious in their own way’ and ‘sentient’ beings who can think, perceive and experience suffering …

Amid the current moment of fear and panic, would it not be better to show support for the Chinese public rather than make culinary judgments or racist remarks? 

To be sure, a wild animal food may be at the root of the virus and may be unavoidable. Wet markets where live animals are sold, mostly for food or medicine, still exist in most Chinese cities. But when it comes to disease, it’s not what’s being eaten that matters as much as the conditions of trade, the suffering… these are the physical changes we can get involved in to promote awareness of magnificent creatures we share this planet with.

People will have different viewpoints regards the virus – some think it is about making money and control, others believe that those in higher places have orchestrated this for population control – but for me, it is simply twofold – a desperate ‘cry for mercy’ from our planet to remind us that everything is deep-seated in the collective consciousness and a call to action as a global community to acknowledge that viruses don’t care about borders and that we are ALL affected by this affliction!

When we drift away from our true nature we incur a debt to the truth. And in the end, that debt needs to be paid…