What if…we subscribe to the philosophy that life is always working out for us?

A virus, or any destabilizing world event, is in part only as strong as we allow it to fray our social bonds. It is a time for those who are spiritually inclined to step up and anchor in to hold a safe space for others who are caught up in the fear, stress, and angst that is rapidly spreading as communities prepare for a new condition – social isolation – global solidarity, but at the same time, an opportunity to be of service to each other. So…

What if we are experiencing the destruction of what no longer serves us and the beginning of something better. The piercing of the veil of separation so that we can touch the Source within and support the emerging potential.

What if there is an intelligence far greater than humans at work and that we have an unprecedented opportunity to balance our head and heart (a return to simplicity and trust). To remember what is truly important. 

What if this virus is to teach us how to be more humane, live a less complicated life – to be less impactful. To treat all living creatures with the respect they deserve. An economical and environmental reset.

What if this is an invitation to turn inwards and put others first. To be comforted by the silence and reach out. To consider that we are all connected and that simple human acts of kindness and consideration can be powerfully manifested by the collective consciousness.

“Please think before you buy and only buy what you and your family need. If we all do this then we can make sure we have enough for everyone. And please help the elderly and vulnerable friends, family and neighbours with their shopping if you can.”

Message from Sainsbury’s Chief Executive Mike Coupe 15th March 2020

What if the coronavirus is a personal and collective upgrade. A connective force enabling us to become more conscious of each other, and become astutely aware of our own limiting beliefs – you cannot overcome fear if you are still a prisoner to fear.

What if we are being asked to uninstall the programming and build immunity. And…

What if you can only overcome fear by letting in love? In our world of polarities which one will you choose… Love or fear?

What if this virus is an ally in our evolution and this shift in our society is favourable for us? It was time for a change, we all knew that. And change has arrived…

And so, what if we can upgrade our thoughts to…

“All is well.

Everything is working out for my highest good.

Out of this situation, only good will come.” Louise Hay