Understanding the Difference: Feelings vs. Emotions in the Law of Attraction Journey with Abraham-Hicks

Scarcity is only a belief system, that humans adopt, while abundance is the innate, natural state of the universe – Abraham Hicks

This perspective suggests that the limitations and perceived scarcity in our physical reality are not inherent but rather products of our thoughts, beliefs, and mindset. Embracing the understanding that abundance is readily available can shift our perception and open us up to receiving this infinite resource that the universe has to offer.

It is the distinction between feelings and emotions that can indeed help clarify the process of facilitating this change. In the context of the Law of Attraction and Abraham-Hicks’ teachings, here’s an expanded explanation of this concept:

Feelings and emotions are related but have specific characteristics. Emotions are typically described as short-lived, intense responses to specific stimuli or events. They are often experienced as instinctive reactions and can arise without conscious thought.

Emotions are commonly associated with specific physical sensations and can be categorized as positive (such as joy, excitement, or love) or negative (such as fear, anger, or sadness).

On the other hand, feelings are more general and enduring states of being that arise from our thoughts, beliefs, and interpretations. Unlike emotions, they are not necessarily tied to a specific trigger and can persist over time.

Feelings are influenced by our attitudes and the meaning we assign to our experiences.

When it comes to transitioning from scarcity to abundance, it’s important to understand that both emotions and feelings play a role. Abraham-Hicks emphasizes that our emotions serve as indicators of our vibrational alignment, helping us understand if we are in harmony with our desires.

Negative emotions, such as fear, frustration, or disappointment, are signals that we are focused on lack. They indicate that our thoughts are not aligned with the abundance we desire. These emotions are valuable because they provide feedback, prompting us to redirect our attention towards more positive and aligned perspectives.

Feelings, on the other hand, encompass a broader spectrum of our overall state of being. If we repeatedly focus on scarcity, dwell on what we lack, and harbour beliefs that reinforce limitations, we are likely to experience feelings of not having enough.

So, by reframing negative thoughts, practising gratitude, visualizing abundance, and taking inspired action in alignment with our desires, we can support prosperity, and over time, this shift in feelings and emotions can attract more abundance into our life through the Law of Attraction.


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