Time to Take the Lead…

Just checking in with a message that really resonated with me and is so relevant to my current work environment, that I could not help but share it…

There are many times as carers that we are called to take the lead in a placement that has escalated into an ‘emotional rollercoaster’. Where we are tested beyond our basic training, where no two days are the same, and where we can soon start to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. I find myself right in the middle of the ‘eye of a storm’ – deeply involved, and deeply invested in an especially difficult, demanding and intense situation. 

These beautiful words were divinely presented just when I needed them, and I hope that if you can relate, they may bring comfort to you too x 

Oracle Message: Whether or not you have set your intention to lead, you may have found yourself suddenly called to step up to the forefront of your life. Stag Spirit is a reminder that now is a time to heed the call to be sure, strong, and compassionate. 

Others will look to you, and you have it within you to see through the eyes of Stag Spirit and walk with confidence as you take on the responsibilities that are yours now and model integrity in all that you do and in all your relationships.

Be willing to see the best in others so that your compassionate heart keeps you on the right path. Stag Spirit wants you to know that your responsibilities now are to yourself too, for you are learning and developing new skills. 

The best in you is coming into view as you step forward with strength, knowing that Spirit supports you as you compassionately take the lead. You are a model for transformation now, sharing your experience, strength, and hope with others so they may grow and discover their best selves too. What a gift you are. Stay humble and authentic, and walk your talk, for this is how a wise leader leads.

The Spirit Animal Oracle – Colette Baron Reid – Stag Spirit