Those Moments of Synchronicity

The dandelion flower tells us that life is short, delicate, and you never know where the winds may take you. Irrespective of that, don’t forget to dream, wish, and remember the bigger joys that come from the little things in life.”


At some point along my journey, I truly started to REALLY appreciate nature and the enticing sunny days that lifted countless spirits including mine.

I remember going for a walk with my client on a beautiful, tranquil morning and as we ambled along I was captivated by the dandelions. We paused on the corner to soak up the sun, and I was suddenly drawn to the dandelions that covered my shirt, each one inscribed with the words “blow like the wind”.

Long before this, I had chosen the dandelion to be my logo, but the spontaneous realization of its symbolic nature dawned on me like a synchronistic epiphany. I believe that this realization was an invitation to tap into my own inner knowing and dive a little deeper into the history of this remarkable flower.

So why the dandelion?

The Dandelion, in essence, is a miracle of nature, that gives completely of itself as food, medicine, beauty, and enjoyment, and despite this for some reason is still regarded as ‘weed’.

In the early spring when abundant foliage is scarce, the dandelions are one of the first flowers to reveal themselves and are available to provide nourishment to the honey bees when they emerge from their “winter cluster”. They are the harbingers of springtime!

They seem to pop up out of nowhere and are full of delight with their sunny and bright blooms. They grow in the most difficult places, where there are little water and poor soil  – indicative of their true survival skills and resilient nature. Their soft yellow colour correlates to the air element which is associated with aspects of creativity, intellect, happiness, breath, life and communication.

But for me, the dandelion expresses its true beauty near the end of its life cycle when it makes the transition into a white ‘puffball’ state – the colour which symbolizes purity and divine radiance. In this state, just the slightest of breezes can enable the seeds to become airborne – an ingenious mode of transportation.

Then it returns back to the collective consciousness, knowing it has touched many, and its offspring will carry on its part of the ecosystem with the sheer magnitude of seed spread. Some will land on the fertile ground (soul parenting) and continue the process of growth – some will land in obscure places and be lost for a time, but the gentle breeze will also push those seeds to safety so that the process can begin again.

I had experienced profound synchronicity and was reminded of a strong sense of purpose and meaning in my life. I felt that the Universe was guiding me and gently reconfirming the path that I had chosen.

The dandelion reminded me of my resilience – no matter where I land (my upbringing) and what the conditions are (societal influences) I can survive and thrive.

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, All your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction,  and you find yourself in a  new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become  alive, and you discover yourself to be a  greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be” -Patanjali