The Power of Stoicism and Spirituality: A Journey to Inner Peace and Joy

So how did I get here? How did I transition, digress or amalgamate my beliefs with the idea that Stoicism may offer a way to find inner peace? What tools and guiding principles was I searching for that might be instrumental in breaking through the barrier of connecting with spiritual wisdom? 

I have done enough inner work to know that my openness to receive has been tainted by my blind spots – those personal biases and fragmented parts of me that continue to edit the messages transmitted by my higher self. 

Your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held captive in – Shannon L. Alder

I realize that I will continue to block the evolution of my soul until such time that the efficiency of my vessel has been restored through continued awareness of my behaviour, intentional self-correction and acceptance of my humanness. 

So I needed a structure that was in alignment with how I wanted to live my life. I had been exposed to a multitude of exceptional tools but somehow always found myself in a situation where they weren’t easily accessible or practical.

I had been consumed with seeking and chasing psychological healing and although my foundation was strong, I needed that one thing to help me wrap up all my spiritual discontent into one enlightened, complete, explainable package. 

I needed a philosophy of life!

At first glance, Stoicism and Spirituality may seem like two completely different things, one being an ancient philosophy, and the other being a subjective experience of the divine. But both believe in the existence of a higher self (the rational part of the soul) and both emphasize the importance of living in the moment.

True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future, not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so wants nothing – Senecca

This mindful living anchors us to the present and self-reflection can help individuals to connect with their inner selves and gain a deeper understanding of their spiritual beliefs.

In conclusion, Stoicism and spirituality are both systems of thought that offer individuals a path to peace, joy, and contentment.

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts – Marcus Aurelius

The mind is everything. What you think you become – Budda

Whether you are drawn to the ancient wisdom of Stoicism or the spiritual journey of self-discovery, both offer a valuable path to a more fulfilling life and my goal is to take the best parts of both, combine them with my own unique perspectives and then attempt to live by it wholeheartedly. After all

God helps those who help themselves

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