The Meaning Of Life?

As my journey progressed, the value of what I was doing began to unfold.

‘Caring’ was no longer a means to an end, but rather an opportunity to love and interact with all those beautiful souls that are an extension of Source.

When we realize that we are all connected and that our success is not based on our qualifications but rather on our belief system, then we are better equipped to care for those in need, in pain or facing any other adversity.

Losing someone certainly made me turn inward for insight and rekindled my desire for expansion. With no expectations, I welcomed diverse teachers into my space and felt at ease as if “wearing the world like a loose garment, not wanting, yet able to be nourished in ways both tangible and subtle”

I immersed myself into the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and was reminded that it was beneficial at this point to find vibrational harmony, release resistance and allow for healing to take place. To essentially “Go with the flow” and stop fighting the current. My complacent routine had been disrupted and I needed to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens.

“Everything you want is downstream – And you don’t even have to turn the boat and paddle downstream, just let go of the oars and the current will carry you” 

As much as spirituality was my guiding force, I was equally fascinated by science and even more exhilarated when the two co-exist on common ground. Gaia dubbed the ‘spiritual’ Netflix offered fresh insights into ancient mysteries and kept me enthused.

Gregg Braden, a scientist, is one of those extraordinary teachers, who continue to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. He reminds us that our science has been based on two false assumptions – one is that everything is separate from everything else, and two that our inner experiences of thought, feeling, emotion and belief have no effect on the world beyond our bodies.

His work, amongst others,  reconfirms that we are all connected and the very essence of this combined vibrational frequency can greatly change the world we live in.

And so what is the meaning of life then? I believe it is a journey of learning and experience and the oneness of us all contributes to the great mass consciousness of everything. Our souls add to these life lessons through unique physical experiences.

“Each time a new person awakens to the Universal Truth, the whole of humanity rises a notch – the world is awakening”