Journaling and The light Returns to Illuminate My Way

It really is no coincidence that I initiated this new venture of “blogging” just after the Winter Solstice, “the death and rebirth of the sun” – the gradual introduction of longer, lighter days.

No matter how you regard celestial events, it’s always a good time to check in with yourself, consider your intentions and make sure that you’re living your best life. The thought of the light gradually returning evokes a vibrational feeling of happiness, hope, and general well-being.

And so my story continues…

My pains (most people can relate) not being in control of my life, putting happiness in the illusionary hands of someone or something that exists outside the body – giving my power away.

My goal was to take responsibility for my own life, to lead by example and be the best version of me. To establish a safe, accepting environment for “my close friends and family” so that each of our unique personalities can co-exist without judgement – take back our power.

The momentum of my transformation started to really pick up the pace when I started to journal. And I journaled a lot. The technique resembled a form of active meditation and the style I adopted emphasized the power that resides in journaling.

I have always advocated that writing down ideas and thoughts seems to amplify their potency and enable the mind to fully absorb the positive message.

My growth came when I realized that I do not have to experience life the way I have been told to.


I had come across a number of motivational videos and speakers – one that stands out is Jake Ducey. He is a charismatic individual with a larger than life personality and has a wonderful gift of sharing relevant teachings in short, but concise video clips.

The idea was to not think too much while journaling but rather let my intuitive mind (aka my soul) speak as I put pen to paper. I did this by writing until I felt the need to pause and think…that was my indication to stop writing as my intellect (or ego) had kicked in.

This meant that only my heart’s truth would be documented, the raw feelings untouched by my ego’s judgment. Getting into this flow of just letting my heart spill onto paper wasn’t easy and initially, my journaling only documented things I appreciated in my life as I had started to learn a great deal about the power of gratitude.

I then moved on to describe events in my mind, shifts in reality which suddenly didn’t feel so out of reach. In the present tense, I would begin to write, for example … ‘I am grateful now that I can travel with my family on a limitlessness budget and enjoy all those places that I have longed to see in this precious lifetime.” So my journaling became a combination of gratitude and affirming statements of truth with corresponding mental images in an attempt to change my subconscious mind – essentially the start of written affirmations

Saying good things about yourself aloud is one thing, but documenting them increases their potency. Writing an affirmation down allows your mind one more way to absorb the positive message.

One affirmation that resonated with me was “I am so grateful to be one with God’s Infinite Wealth – Divine Abundance flows to me effortlessly” – of course this was initially financially driven but the blessing that I consequently received showed me that “Wealth” possibly referred to Harmonic Wealth – Financial, Relational, Intellectual, Physical, and Spiritual and the “Abundance” possibly included aspects of  Health, Knowledge, Intelligence, Courage, Virtue, Positivity and Patience. It had become clear to me now that I was fortunate to have pursued a “profession” where I was being paid to develop, grow, experience life and ultimately – be me…

On the family front, I yearned for a change in our current situation. My husband was dealing with closing down his company and was incredibly vulnerable and fragile, my daughter seemed to clash with everyone as her free-spirited, straightforward, unfiltered honesty was difficult to absorb or even tolerate in the midst of financial and emotional problems.

I knew that I had to change and that we are all responsible for our own lives. To forgive and live free from judgement was the key to unlocking the animosity that consumed our family life and it was time to let go of the control and give in to the idea that in my transformation I can be the light that others may be drawn to – my new and improved outlook involved less interference in the lives of others and more focus on myself.

“Ego says once everything falls into place, I will find peace.

Spirit says find peace, and everything will fall into place”