The Lesson from Robert Mugabe’s Transition

The pain of the past & how to break free as a wounded society

Facebook post 

As with most Zimbabweans, I woke to the news this morning that the former Zimbabwean president had died. No surprises that what followed was an onslaught of verbal abuse from a community in pain.

But today I choose to not indulge in playing the victim in a feeding frenzy of hatred. I refuse to let the past rob me of my present happiness – my hope is that all my precious family and friends are able to do the same because we are so much more than that …

Let us instead, be mindful of each other. We are a unique thread woven into the beautiful fabric of our collective consciousness, and what affects one person indirectly affects us all! After all, life is not about us, but about those we serve!

As Zimbabweans, we share the same common pain and that is the loss of a once-thriving new democracy and the inevitable separation of family and friends scattered all over the world. 

But, I for one, will not be celebrating the death of a ‘tyrant’ but rather the memories of a beautiful childhood in a country that will always be deeply rooted in my heart. A place where my children were nurtured in a wonderful environment amongst beautiful people.

Let’s reconnect with each other, channel positive energy, and find a commonality in love. Let us nurture a sense of belonging to a community that has risen above the wounds of the past and see the lesson embedded in his 37years of power!

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