The Cosmic Game of Lost and Found

The destiny for each of us coming into this time-space reality is that we will have some game of lost and found – it’s how individualization works – it’s as if the self has a cosmic game going on and everyone is working on this – it helps if you have a connection to the greater Self. 

Have you ever felt like you are searching for something, but you don’t quite know what it is? Or perhaps you feel like you have found something, only to lose it again?

The idea of a Cosmic Game of Lost and Found is rooted in the concept of individualization, which suggests that every individual soul comes into this time-space reality with a unique purpose and path to follow.

In this game, we often lose sight of our true nature and purpose as we become engrossed in the material world and its distractions. However, the journey back to our authentic selves involves a process of rediscovery and realization, a process of “finding” ourselves again.

We may encounter challenges and obstacles along the way, but these interactions are simply opportunities that offer us a broader perspective. An acknowledgement that everything happening in our lives is part of a larger cosmic plan and that we all have the resources to tap into a higher source of wisdom and guidance.

The concept of a Cosmic Game of Lost and Found is a valuable understanding because it reminds us that our time on Earth is not merely a random series of events but a journey of self-discovery, and as we cultivate a deeper connection with the greater Self, we can navigate our journey with purpose and meaning.


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