Growth and Wisdom vs Perfection

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players:  they have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts,  His acts being seven ages.” William Shakespeare

Each of us has a unique life story and there are two significant phases that are interwoven into our journey.

One of these phases serves to initiate our growth through contrast and the other enables us to use that wisdom learned to self-correct and adjust our path. 

Universally, “Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned here – the spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts.” 

Information, knowledge, and wisdom are all evolving, and because our stories are exclusive to us, it is necessary to look at the underlying Universal principles that we can all relate to and that have ‘stood the test of time’, providing a framework that can expose limited illusionary beliefs that keep us trapped in the past.

These Universal principles which are common to us all say “Life is for us, not against us” are the real reason that we are here. Life has caused us to drift away from this truth and most of us are living ‘a story’ of struggle, hardship, and scarcity believing that everything is seemingly against us!

We literally learn how to map out reality based on the stories that we give our experiences, for example growing up with money problems might be the experience, but the story we tell is that “people like us will always have money issues, never have enough, the world isn’t safe, you can never make it in this life “ – this then evolves into a limiting belief and scarcity becomes one of our many abundance blocks. 

“You’re discovering, based on experience, who you are, who you’re not, what’s possible, what is not, who you are in relation to others, who others are in relation to you, what’s good, what’s bad, what’s true, what’s false.”   Derek Rydall                  

Our stories, which are now our reality are what we believe to be true and in order to survive, we design coping mechanisms. The ego then suppresses aspects of ‘who we really are’ and sees any change as a threat to survival. However, by working through this we may activate a deeper spiritual quest to discover something better and this is when the 2nd part of our journey has an opportunity to kick in!

“You want a huge breakthrough, but a part of you also wants it to happen while being cradled in your comfort zone. The problem with that is a big part of your purpose here is to feel and experience life in its wholeness. When you embrace your vulnerabilities, it allows the Universe to meet you halfway. Your gates of abundance open up. There are more opportunistic situations. Life has been knocking on your door all this time. It’s just a matter of you opening up.” – Source Message

So why is this important for me? Probably because I am on a mission to help others uncover the message hidden in their stories and offer a process of navigating the way out of their limited self-imposed-map onto an illuminated path of freedom and real fulfilment… I do believe that in order for me to do this;

“I am allowed to be BOTH a work in progress AND help others grow at the same time.

I refuse to wait until I believe I’m perfect or someone else has deemed me worthy of impacting others.

I am unapologetically accepting a life of massive growth & Improvement”