The Art of being Vulnerable in a Culture of Over Achievers

In a race for more, vulnerability beckons us to pause and recognize that our true value lies not in what we accomplish, but in how authentically we connect – Mother Teresa

Society has shaped us to be instinctive survivors but for the most part, our external circumstances are markers of our success and it is the perceived gap between where we want to be and where we are now that leaves us feeling disconnected and adrift. So, if life is getting better by every conceivable standard why is it that more people are feeling empty, alone, and depressed?

In the Care Industry, our nemesis is the inability to show our humanness for fear that we may be seen to be incapable, incompetent, or weak. We put on our armour every day and step into our work seemingly protected and unbreakable. This in itself breeds an unrealistic sense of superiority – we pendulate between outer contempt (grandiosity) to inner contempt (shame) 

And it doesn’t take long before we are suffering from compassion fatigue and burnout…

Why is this?

We know that our strength is to care for others and our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of others – but who looks after us in this demanding field of human relations – where do we find the support we need to continue with our exceptional service, and can we honestly say that we have a community that provides us with a sense of belonging?

As humans we are hardwired for reciprocity – when we feel joy and success we seek to share our excitement with others and in times of pain and sorrow we seek comfort and support. We need a safe space to be vulnerable, where our experiences are relatable and help is accessible. We need an opportunity that fosters accountability and commitment to our own emotional well-being.

So where can you find a supportive environment to build your inner citadel and your psychological fortress through which you can navigate the currents of this dynamic industry? It takes courage to reach out to your tribe but remember we are bound by the threads of connection and we are never truly alone…

Join ‘Carers Matter’ and ‘Heart & Soul Care’ in this shared journey where conscious conversations can get us out of our heads and back into our hearts…







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