Thank you for choosing me

As I contemplate today (02.02.19) and the birth of my daughter 21 years ago – it seems appropriate to express my absolute gratitude that she chose me to be her mother and trusted me to facilitate the space to embrace the growth of her beautiful soul and to cultivate her divine virtues in this physical realm.

It all comes down to the cycle of life-death-rebirth and what you truly believe.

“Many people feel that reincarnation can’t exist because they don’t remember their past and my answer to the world is we do remember. We don’t have the details but we have certain key hints as to who we are. The type of music we like, the people we are most attracted to, the types of food we like, the clothing we wear, certain periods of history that we identify with. These are indications this is where we have been before and so our present incarnation or our present lifetime is a composite of all the fruits of what we were before.”

Carey Williams – Co-Author: Reincarnation: A New Horizon (Ancient Mysteries – Reincarnation Documentary Hosted by Leonard Nimoy)

I believe in a  Pre-Birth Plan;

A plan that is created by the soul in conjunction with a council and spirit guides which is then presented to the personality. When we are in the cosmos we remember that we are a part of consciousness and that we are being sent out into the world to experience, learn, and grow.  Once the plan has been accepted it is put in place and incarnation begins. However, after birth, we forget the plan and who we genuinely are.

This an integral part of the cycle. It’s how we truly get to know ourselves and embrace the current life we are living. Although there is a plan, free will does give us the ability to create any reality we choose…

“You close your eyes to the past in order to reopen them to a new existence. You can get more expansion by forgetting” – Teal Swan, Spiritual Catalyst

My message to you, my beautiful daughter,

When you choose your parents and your life situation you are giving yourself an opportunity.  What you do with that opportunity is entirely up to you. Don’t waste any of the life you’ve chosen.  Learn from every experience. Embrace the inherent qualities of love, peace and joy in your soul and realize that the contrast you may experience in this lifetime is to learn more about your soul self x