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An Amazing Life Lived to its Fullest by Practicing Gratitude

I have a beautiful 97-year young client and she is an amazing…

Spiritual Law of Responsibility (The Body –  Part 2)

Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it…

Spiritual Law of Responsibility (The Mind)

Our thoughts are cosmic waves of energy, frequency and vibration. The ‘Law of Vibration” serves as the foundation for the “Law Of Attraction” and ultimately we attract according to the energy that we are sending out.

Be Your Purpose…and trust!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest…

Heart Connection -Spiritual Power Tools

When you “listen to your heart” you embrace your most pure and natural state, cultivating your ability to listen closely to the wisdom of your inner voice, as opposed to coming from a place of entitlement and ego.

The Meaning Of Life?

As my journey progressed, the value of what I was doing began…

Our Beliefs Shape Our Reality!

Having experienced my first transition, I felt so inspired and…

Listing To The Guidance Within

...It was to be of great significance to me in the ‘care industry’ where daily challenges would test my compassion, love, and understanding of the person in my care

The Power of One Word

It has become evident to me that when we pray we open up a conversation with God who always responds - it is just a matter of listening to our ‘in-tuition’ which spawns from the inner work we do to create a space of peace for our inner essence.