Stop Operating in Default Mode – Segment Intending in The Care Industry

The Universe responds to your vibration, and you can deliberately offer your vibration by deliberately selecting the thoughts you think.

Segment your day, and before you begin each segment, offer a statement of intent to guide your thought process. This simple process will keep you on track, and you will begin to understand how powerful you are in your ability to focus.

Abraham Hicks

Segment intending works by leveraging the power of focused intention and the Law of Attraction. When you set a clear intention for a specific segment of time or activity, you are directing your thoughts and energy towards a desired outcome.

By consciously choosing positive thoughts, emotions, and expectations for that segment, you align yourself with the frequency of what you want to experience. This alignment sends out a signal to the universe, attracting circumstances, people, and opportunities that match your intended vibration.

As a result, you are more likely to manifest the desired experience and create a positive impact in that particular segment of your life. It helps you become an active creator of your reality, allowing you to infuse each moment with purpose and positivity.

In the care industry, segment intending could involve setting a clear intention before interacting with a patient or client. For example, a caregiver might intend to create a calm and comforting environment during a personal care routine with a client.

They would focus their thoughts on providing gentle and respectful assistance, fostering a sense of trust and safety, and promoting the client’s well-being throughout that specific interaction.


Is it possible to practice segment intending in situations that are challenging all day? Consider the unrelenting demands that an ‘unpaid carer’ may endure when caring for a family member.

It may require more effort and resilience, but segment intending can provide respite, relief, and upliftment.

It could be as simple as intending to take a few deep breaths and find moments of peace during a caregiving task or setting an intention to find gratitude for the small moments of connection with your loved one.

The key is to acknowledge where you are and make incremental improvements that create a ripple effect, rather than trying to instantly shift from a low to high vibration.

By consciously directing your thoughts and energy your true authentic voice is in control and your default system no longer runs the show. It may not eliminate all the difficulties, but it can provide a sense of empowerment and make the overall caregiving journey more manageable.

Perhaps we should take a page out of Wayne Dyer’s book and leave messages like this on our voicemail so that our boundaries are not only determined but a very clear intention has been set in motion if there is any ‘hope’ of a return call…

I am happy to hear from you and I am anticipating that you have something very happy to tell me, if that’s the case leave a message. If that’s not the case call Dr.Phil  Wayne Dyer

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