Spiritual Law of Responsibility – The Soul

“When we pause and breathe on purpose we have the experience of presence. We connect with the wisdom and goodness of our souls. In the calm we get clear. We drop out of our heads into our hearts. We slow down. We see with new eyes and hear with new ears. We place ourselves in the seat of choice” Tracy Litt

Soulful living completes the trio of wellness – honouring your body, caring for your mind and living with purpose. Life is a sacred journey undertaken by the soul and our real reason for being here is to discover who we are and get clarity on our soul’s agenda so that we can be the highest expression of our true nature.

For me, the beginning of the most beautiful, exciting and rewarding time of my life was the moment I discovered I had a soul.

“At the center of your being you have the answer: you know who you are and you know what you want” – Lao Tzu

The soul enters into “physicality, or the individual reality of each and every one of us, in order to create an unlimited experience of Divinity, not a limited experience of humanity”.

You have to be open to listening and acknowledging the call of your soul – act on the whispers and in turn build up the momentum of least resistance to allow for inspired spontaneous ‘downloads.’

Even if the surge of creativity, seems out of whack, it is important to take a leap of faith and trust in your own intuition – believing that everything is unfolding exactly as it should.  “The only way out is in” and It takes great courage to show up and step “into your power”.

“Your soul is your ultimate guidance system.You can think of your soul as the compass, map and destination all in one.”

When you let go of questioning how it will all come together, then the Universe, as if by magic, delivers just what you need. I have learnt to be guided by my intuition and have developed tools that have served to constantly strengthen this inner wisdom and bring the internal needs of my soul into the light.

“There is no relationship of greater importance to achieve than the relationship between you, in your physical body, right here and now, and the Soul / Source / God from which you have come. If you tend to that relationship , first and foremost, you will then and only then, have the stable footing to proceed into other relationships. Your relationship with your own body, with money, with your parents, children , grandchildren, and your world…will all fall easily into alignment once you tend to this fundamental relationship first.” Abraham Hicks

Those moments when we feel a deep sense of connection to ourselves and the world, are the moments when we can honestly say we are doing what really matters and being true to ourselves. The journey is about creating a daily experience where that kind of clarity and purposefulness shows up in everything we do.

Nourishing your soul is embracing your unique gifts while feeling safe in the awareness that happiness and love is your birthright. Soulful living is expressing gratitude through the eyes of God/Source and opening up your mind so that only the thoughts of your higher self prevail.

“The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the Soul, a waking Angel stirs.” – James Allen