If you feel lost, directionless and overwhelmed then be assured you’re not alone, sometimes I struggle too.

It’s the reason most of us, myself included turn to coaching in the first place, it’s seen as a way to work with someone, set some goals, get some tools and find the ideal way to plan out the small manageable steps you need to take.

It turns into a journey of a lifetime my friend

It usually starts with an issue or two or three….

Lost and Directionless | Stressed | Overwhelmed | Isolated | Career | Money | Family Dynamics | Poor Health | Or Something Even More Serious … and the realisation that coaching can help us get the well-being, lifestyles, careers and relationships that we want.

So you find a coach that fits and its starts – the 1st step to taking back control.

Welcome to Life Coaching

We adress aspects of your life, unbundle the issues, set some goals, implement some practical daily tools you can use along with good habits, and add a measure of accountability to keep you moving forward.

We’ll work on Elevating Your Emotions, Clarifying Your Intention and Raising Your Energy.

I’ll guide you to repeat the process, dealing with the things you want to, and:

  • Keep you motivated.
  • Keeping you focused on what’s immediately important
  • Make you accountable and keep you on track
  • Increase self-awareness, self-acceptance, motivation and self-confidence
  • Livie more authentically and feel more comfortable in your own skin
  • Feel passionate about your work and more excited about your future
  • Creating more loving relationships and feel more connected to others
  • Achiev your goals and projects with greater ease and flow

Time for Spiritual Life Coaching 

This is where we take Elevating Your Emotions, Clarifying Your Intention and Raising Your Energy to a whole new level.

We do this by teaching a ‘wholehearted’ or heart-centred approach to personal and spiritual growth, emotional self-mastery and consciousness building.

There’s a lot of tools out there you can use – I’ll introduce you to some of them. No voodoo magic just a better understanding and use of some science you’re using every day already, focused meditation until you can do it automatically, and some good daily habits.

Learning how to live from the intelligence, wisdom, and power of your heart to elevate your emotion and raise your energy, coupled with clear thought and intention of your mind will result in:

  • You connecting to who you truly are.
  • Changing your life. Uncovering your desires. Taking bigger steps towards your goals. Bustingust limiting beliefs and remove roadblocks
  • Experiencing greater inner peace and feeing connected to your natural joy
  • Tapping into the vast resources contained within your own heart so that you can create even greater health, build more satisfying relationships, and feel calmer and in greater alignment with your life’s purpose.
  • Feeling more connected to and guided by your Divinity or Higher Self
  • Manifesting a new reality and changing your destiny.