Be a Leader in Your Life

Transformation happens and things change when you become a leader in your own life. Around about now is when your subconscious throws up the objections. Set them aside for a moment and read on to see how life-coaching with us can help you succeed and achieve your life-goals.

My passion is self-actualization – the drive to go beyond simply having more and getting more to living a full, conscious and emotionally rewarding life. I believe that everyone wants to self-actualize, whether they know it or not.

I invite you to dream big so you can receive the vision of your most inspired and most rewarding life and I sincerely look forward to working with you on this path.

In life you can follow the crowd and do what’s expected of you, or follow your heart, clarify your vision and reach for a dream that excites, inspires and sometimes scares you.

I work with people who are called to a dream that’s bigger than them and those who long to be called to a bigger dream. You are not on this earth to just do your duty and survive, you are here to fulfil a calling, to walk a path unique to you. Nobody can tell you how to live that life – only you can. But here’s the problem. Your most inspired life is also the life that scares you the most. It seems unbelievable, unaffordable, risky, dreamy, impractical, or so obscure you can’t even see it. All those objections.

You need a reflection partner, a friendly challenger, a soul-searching companion to help you see your own light. In short, you need a life-coach.

The Heart Math Coaching Process to Unlock Your Inner Leader and Creativity

We are unique beings and your challenges are specific to you. We don’t use a fixed coaching programme that consists in filling out questionnaires and following a book of rules, but we do have an underlying process we usually follow to tune into your blueprint and ground it in reality:

  1. Raise your energy to match the frequency of your most inspired potential
  2. Receive and clarify the Vision
  3. Overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs
  4. Create an action plan and daily practice to stay tuned to the Vision

This process will support you shift your energy, maintain the shift, and ground the insights in reality. When you’ve got the hang of this you’ll be a master of enlightened self-empowerment.