Working with me means talking, listening, purposeful conversations at the right time in the right space. Enabling you to better deal with a situation and moving you towards your goals and beyond just coping. I help unleash the creative spirit and wisdom we all have within so that you can make the change.

Together we create a space to focus on yourself

With life coaching, you are at the centre of the conversation (not the cared for). We’ll not just focus on your current role but the whole of who you are in life. Your physical, mental and spiritual health, career and future plans, may all have taken a backseat, so we’ll create the right space to work in from get the current situation under control and bring the important stuff back into focus.

We’ll work on self-awareness and personal growth

We are not doctors or psychologists and what I offer is not therapy or just listening – its’s something in between more aligned with mentoring. In coaching, I won’t focus on symptoms or drawing conclusions. I will focus more on developing personal skills, increasing capacity and reaching goals. My job is to help you set some objectives, clarify goals, identify obstacles and problematic behaviours, and create action plans to achieve desired results.

I don’t judge

Coaching is a safe space, where you can talk about things without fear of judgement or being told what to do. We take your current starting point as an acceptable neutral ground and lead you to a situation where your actions are more pro-active from that point onward. I give you tools, help you draw on internal strength, enable you to take control of life and act to bring success and fulfilment.

The Time Required

Everyone is different but if we work together it’s important to meet consistently even if it’s not every week. Aim for sessions around an hour to an hour in length. We’ll work together on determining a set number of sessions to help you achieve your goals.

Location and Online Meetings

You can choose how you’d like to meet up for your sessions. If you prefer to meet in person and it’s logistically practical, then we come to your home or you can visit us. We could also meet at your favourite coffee shop. If your schedule is full like most of us and you are far away, then we can meet remotely. This is as easy as a visit online or via your phone. Don’t worry about the technology, I can help you set that up.