I am Worthy…

Having a conversation about money, and budgeting is often a sure way to trigger someone who has a ‘scarcity mindset’.

AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER, we’ve all wrestled with the insecurity of thinking we’re not “enough” – whether that’s toned enough for a bikini, smart enough for a promotion or special enough to be loved. Believing we need to change before we can be happy not only kills self-confidence but also gives life to the anxiety-driven “scarcity mindset,” a toxic mentality that can keep us from the happiness we deserve.

 The intense emotional state of fear makes it almost impossible to think that things will be okay even when the outcome is uncertain. Basically, fear of the unknown triggers a belief that there will never be enough! This is when a scarcity mindset jumps in the driver’s seat – where we in fact belong!

Sometimes our stories can hold us, hostage, to a past that no longer serves us and every now and again it is essential to take inventory of the memories and the stories that keep us tied to it and defined by it. The lessons we have learned are liked sacred talismans contained within our past like fossils in amber but those memories that live in the cells of our body and have the tendency to trigger palatable fear are the ones that require deep work.

“If we overheard our parents fighting over money, we may relate to acquiring affluence with instability and fear. A chaotic family life where there was never enough money but plenty of drama around the subject can create deep patterns of resistance such as: blaming others for lack, overspending to fill a void, or hanging on too tight for fear of running out of it.”

Healthy Belief Systems Around Money

To have a healthy belief system around money, we must honour our worthiness to receive money and to receive that which money can bring into our lives. I realized that I have been conditioned to believe that I am not worthy of wealth and feeling unworthy of the life I would truly love to live, puts a large obstacle in the flow of my life force, and therefore my flow of wealth. After all, a major part of manifesting is believing you’re worthy of what you are asking for…

Knowing that the Universal life flow – that is Source, is everywhere and in all things including money and I feel the way I do because at this point in time I am seeing myself as separate!

So my task is to rewire any conditioning which says I am unworthy – reestablishing my connection to the Universe will enable me to attract anything I want into my life. It is only when I see myself to be separate that  I fall out of alignment with “who I am”.

Most people don’t challenge or question their long-held beliefs but I knew that it was time to create my own destiny, that which is no longer defined by societal and family conditioning, and to BELIEVE IN MYSELF AND WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER TO THE WORLD! 

After all, separation from God is only an illusion of the mind because we can never cut the umbilical cord with home…

So how do we start to walk towards God and close the gap from where we are to where we know we should be? That place where we know we are perfect and that we don’t need to do one single thing in order to be loved, or be love because we are love…

I have shared a couple of ‘heart-centred’ exercises that have been mentioned in my earlier blogs like this one,  but for me, the work has now come full circle and I hope that if you find yourself in a similar situation this routine may also help you along your way… 

Mirror Work

  • Bring yourself into a heart centred state – taking the attention away from the mind into the heart
  • Stand in front of the mirror preferably in the morning when you have just got up so that you can remove all judgements about how you look and what imperfections may be present
  • In this exercise, you are looking in the mirror to spot the PERFECTION of the soul that is staring back at you
  • You are looking in the mirror the way that source would look at you
  • Gently stare into your own eyes
  • You can add general or specific mantras depending on your situation

I am moving from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking and I am doing the best I can

I am receiving money in expected and unexpected ways and I am living a life of gratitude

I am one with God’s infinite wealth, and I am embracing new avenues of wealth

I am so loved I am so appreciated I am amazing I am so proud of myself


Immersed in Nature

  • Go outside, and as you drop into a heart centred state, gently observe nature around you
  • You going to start noticing how loved each and every aspect of nature is and say

That bird is so loved, that butterfly is so loved, that insect is so loved

  • Then after a while, hand on heart, you say “I am so loved”

Both are beautiful and powerful lessons to develop self-love and it is undeniable that when you make these exercises part of your daily routine, you will ultimately start to feel one with your God energy – the more you can connect with God the more your perception of unworthiness begins to dissipate as you journey back to the Source of all that is…