Power of Prayer – Spiritual Power Tools

“I am thankful for today’s blessings and opportunities to learn, grow, love and experience this life in all possible ways. I am grateful for my loved ones both in spirit and in the physical.Thank you for helping me to let go of what I cannot control. To be in this moment, and to never lose sight of the purpose of my life.

I am grateful for every day”

I believe that prayer should be personal, seen as a conversation you are having, essentially with yourself, fueled with a deep awareness of the presence of God (source). I felt that using an opening phrase to begin one’s prayer, such as “Dear God…”, seemed too impersonal and steeped in separation.

To me, It suggested a God who is “outside of us” – where prayer becomes this idea of prostration – asking in a way that gives the power over to something else and that something else decides if you are worthy to receive!

This may be the reason why we might feel our prayers are unanswered.

We understand the Law of this Universe – ‘ask and it is given’ – but because we don’t feel worthy of the desired outcome, we fail to be a vibrational match to it, and then the Law of Attraction kicks in and presents us with a situation that matches our ‘low vibration’!

Prayer needs to be focused if the fabric of reality is to shift – not something compressed into a few moments, at the end of the day when we are too tired to give it the attention that it deserves. We need to be reminded that

Words are not the prayer – feelings are the prayer 

This, the energy we give out is the language of the Universal field where our new reality is awaiting manifestation into our present circumstances!

However, there is only so much that we can do as individuals – but it is widely known that when communities come together in prayer and those members share a common experience in their heart, for a period of time, the impact of the intended outcome is specifically influenced.

But why isn’t the improved effect sustainable? Could it be that momentum subsides and consequently the power dramatically diminishes? If so, how do we maintain this feeling to have a lasting global impact?

One way is to introduce scheduled breaks during the day.

The students of Brahma Kumaris observe a process called “traffic control” – a practice of stopping the mind at different times of the day, prompted by music/chanting. This brings them back to the present and allows the safe space to have this heart experience/prayer before they continue with whatever it is that they were doing.

This is an elementary step in allowing ‘feeling’ to penetrate our being and to do so frequently until there are no physical gaps between the signals that are broadcast.

This experience is not something that we just witness but rather something that we become, something we live in our lives.

That is the secret to maintaining the powerful effects that we emit into the field as a global community, and our ultimate mission here, in this physical reality is to “always be in prayer” – a feeling that never ends!

For me and many who share this idea – It’s all about becoming the practice.

“Prayer should be done anytime and all the time; anywhere and everywhere; for any reason and for all reasons. When we speak to God, that is called prayer. Therefore, prayer should be a minute to minute, moment to moment, integral part of our lives. Prayer makes us God-conscious; it brings us into divine connection. It takes our focus away from the material world and into the spiritual world.  We should start every day with prayer, fill every day with prayer, and end every day with prayer.”

H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji

Whether prayer is personal, communal or global – the impact of it is undeniable and we need to be reminded that

“We do not ask for what we do not have. We merely ask for what belongs to us, that we may recognize it as our own.”

Course of Miracles Workbook Lesson 107