Personal Growth and The Power of Routine

In the early stages of my journey, I felt the need to establish a routine. I had been conditioned to be organised and I thought it necessary to have some kind of structure, now that I was navigating uncharted territory. My subconscious brain would certainly benefit from some persuasive reprogramming in an attempt to welcome my intuition!

Caring, even with the demands that come with the job, had given me the opportunity to set aside time for myself.

  • Live-In Care meant that I could plan my day around my client and use those ‘quiet moments’ (when my client was resting or otherwise) to implement my new routine and ‘personal focus’.

Around this time, and perhaps not so coincidentally, my daughter introduced the family to the movie “The Secret” and suggested that we would all benefit from watching it. It inspired me to unravel more truths to fully understand the concepts it highlights.

During my sifting and sorting, I came across  Freedom Mastery and their Law of Attraction ideas, which was to provide the framework of my routine.

One of the key elements that develop when adhering to a personalised schedule is consistency – ”The Law of Attraction requires trust, positivity, and consistency in your emotions and beliefs”.

I was soon to discover that when positivity is the dominant intention, and gratitude is the accompanying feeling – it has a direct impact on those around me; notably the happier I felt, the better quality of service I could provide for my client.

With this very general application of the Law of Attraction, and the simplistic view of ‘what goes around, comes around, it was clear that I needed to assign feelings of ‘well being’ to my very essence.

In conjunction with my care work, my new routine empowered me with a sense of knowing and deeper personal understanding. It opened up a way of life that could touch the very core of my true nature – an opportunity to rewire my thoughts and deliver endless days of happiness.

Routine to follow…