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‘Oracle: a person, shrine, or object that delivers guidance from a Divine Source and speaks wise counsel and advice (from the Latin orare – to speak)

Divination: asking for and receiving Divinely inspired guidance from an oracle’ Colette Baron Reid


Once you have established a relationship with your Inner Self, it is fun to open up a meaningful dialogue.

Oracle Cards are a simplistic tool that essentially offers just that – a way to tune into the magic and Divine guidance within you.

There are many ways one can go about opening up this sacred conversation, so it is important to approach the deck with reverence and with a neutral state of mind in an effort to dilute your dominant energy. Prayer always works for me…

Dear God grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change;

Courage to change the things I can;

And wisdom to know the difference.

Grant me this conversation for my highest good

And show me how to serve

Let there only be love and light…

Next, you shuffle the cards, and as you do so, begin to contemplate, set an intention and carefully frame the questions on your mind.

There are ‘no rules’ but I seem to benefit from a 3 card reading and tend to stick to the following format…

“What do I need to know about…” (past tense)

“What do I need to do…” (present tense)

“What will be the possible outcome of… (future tense)

Provided that your intuition is not blocked by anxiety and fear then a detailed picture of the energy fueling the situation will be revealed.

As I developed a relationship with my cards I realized that it is important to retain a sense of wonder and magic. Oracle cards are versatile and honest – the more I used them, the more I started to look forward to this intimate time together and the gentle unveiling of my soul’s life journey

It is important to resonate with the deck you have selected to work with as the accuracy of readings is largely based on your intuitive impressions that come through your connection with the visual imagery.

One of my favourite decks has Spirit’s face on each card, reminding us that Spirit is always present no matter what the question or situation –


Oracle Cards are snapshots of opportunities and their contagious energy is designed to enhance your own intuition.

Even though most decks come with a Guidebook – I have found it valuable to first study the card myself, embrace the imagery and invoke an internal thought process which is then enhanced by the message in the book.

I must add that trust is essential to success. Don’t be tempted to repeat readings in the hope of getting the answer that you desire as this may result in a decline in accuracy. Don’t take it all too seriously – just enjoy the process and have fun with it!

Using a tool like oracle cards provides an outlet for your inner self to express his/her message. It’s not so much about the tool itself…instead, it’s about giving your conscious mind something to focus on so that it can step out of the way and let your intuition through!

I have no doubt that you will love the process as long as you remain unattached to the outcome and keep in mind that

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want”

Lao Tzu

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