Nurturing the Soul of Caregiving: Becoming a Host to God in Service to Others

Will you open the doors of your heart to become a gracious host for the divine, or will you allow the fortress of your ego to hold you captive as its hostage?

As caregivers, our actions and choices shape the experiences of those in our care, and sometimes deep introspection and a willingness to explore one’s subconscious mind can reveal the extent to which our work is based on our underlying psychological processes or our openness to becoming a conduit for a higher purpose and aligning with divine principles.

In other words, are we operating as a “host to God” or a “hostage to our ego” and can we honestly look at the quality of our service and choose to go in another direction? Are we able to question our assumptions, examine personal biases, uncover hidden desires or fears, and explore the origins of certain behaviours or attitudes?

A recent placement left me questioning my innermost beliefs, values, and authenticity. I like to think that I approach my caregiving responsibilities with a sense of duty, compassion, integrity, kindness and a desire to provide comfort and assistance to those in need, but there are times when my actions seem to be determined primarily by my own self-interest, self-image, or personal desires,

It is important to remember that when we prioritized ego-driven goals above the needs of the person in our care, this can unintentionally manifest as neglect, manipulation or a lack of empathy instead of an open space to channel love and healing.

Engaging in self-reflection has helped me assess my actions, and determined whether I am motivated by genuine concern for my clients or fueled by my insatiable craving for personal recognition and validation. It is a process that requires time, patience, and a willingness to confront uncomfortable truths about oneself in order to foster personal growth and self-discovery.

Creating a caring environment to foster love, and respect coupled with open communication, autonomy, and opportunities has reminded me of the nurturing space needed for connection.

I have also started to prioritise self-care through replenishing activities and by taking my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being seriously, I can approach my responsibilities with renewed compassion and vitality. Embracing humility has helped me to let go of the need for recognition and instead focus on a mindset of service that is guided by love rather than self-centred ambitions.

Essentially I believe that self-awareness is a conscious choice, and by remaining open to the constructs of the human experience,  caregivers can bring a deeper sense of purpose and integrity to their role.  When we recall our access to a  higher power and embody its principles, we transcend the limitations of the ego and create a sanctuary of love, compassion and dignity.

Through self-reflection, empathy, and practising self-care, we can ensure that our actions remain aligned with the well-being of those in our care.

Cultivate the art of surrender, for in the surrender of your ego, you become a willing vessel for the light of the divine to shine through, transcending the limitations of self and embracing the vastness of existence

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