My Story – From Human Goal to Soul Goal

So many of us have spent years of our lives dismissing our own joy, limiting our own potential, postponing our peace and disregarding our own purpose, but no more. 

Make yourself a promise that you’re not going to spend one more second of your life consciously telling yourself that you don’t matter, that you’re not good enough or that you’re unworthy of something. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been telling yourself that you can’t, that you couldn’t or that you shouldn’t, it’s time to say to yourself that I am, I can, I will, and I’m going to. This is your life and your time. Make the most of it.”

Generally speaking, the first part of our journey is based on challenges, experiences and our ability to prove and protect – this can be referred to as our Human Goal, and requires a survival kit to cope with life. The second part of our journey involves your Soul Goal which is where I am now – I live in an abundant Universe. The two components of this unique map now become my journey to wholeness.

After some reflection, it is time to lean into my vulnerability and reflect on my journey. I have no doubt that what I have gone through is a ‘Universal human struggle’ so it may offer some relief to someone who can relate. The questions I need to ask are “what lie did I have to believe about life, that I have dramatically overcompensated for in order to survive”. Then “what is the opposite to that, the Universal truth that I have come here to prove?”

It may be valuable to break this down into digestible simple pieces starting from my present situation.

If I look at my situation today as a Live-In Carer what do I struggle with the most? 

Answer: “Working because I have to and not because I want to”

Does that feeling take me back to when I first felt experienced that? 

Answer: “Yes, parents being overextended in their respective jobs and working hard because money was a concern and expenses outweighed earnings”

 And so what were the decisions I made about life based on that experience?

 Answer: “People like us don’t have and will never have financial freedom – life will always be hard and there is not enough to go around!” 

What did I make it mean about me? 

Answer: “I am not worthy or good enough to break free of the scarcity mindset” 

What did I decide I would become and do to survive in this world? 

Answer: “to become a person who will do whatever it takes to be looked after financially so that I can feel safe in a limited, unstable world” 

But, what part of me did I have to reject in order to survive? 

Answer: “the part who is compassionate, kind, considerate, and loving”

So this is my “map of reality” – in a nutshell, money = happiness!

But what is the opposite of all this? The Universal truth is that…

“I am loved, I am enough, I am worthy, I live in an abundant Universe, all my needs are met, and I have nothing to prove – 


 And it is not just for me…

You’re entitled to everything you desire. Period

Rid yourself of any inherent guilt or fear that comes with having it all.

Abundance is your birthright.

You didn’t go through all those lessons just to live a standard life.

Bring an end to the idea that your dreams are ‘too big’

The universe is so vast and limitless that what your desire is

almost laughable relative to what you are capable of.

Your inner growth will be the catalyst for your outward achievements.

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