My Son is Transcending Ego and Living From Soul

As my son prepares to embark on a new adventure in the army, I cannot help but wonder how the systems and structures may still allow for the expansion of his unique creativity in a world of discipline and conformity. 

I do appreciate the excitement to engage in a life that undoubtedly forges friendships, builds character and establishes a unified expanse of kinship and trust with ample opportunities to embrace the concept of oneness-

Author Neale Donald Walsch in his, Conversations With God reminds us: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” and joining the army certainly pushes those boundaries, but with a band of brothers that can alleviate, and even transcend the challenges and struggles of basic training.

I am so grateful that he is conscious of his internal guidance system and is intrinsically aware of the power he has cultivated within.

I have no doubt that he will be an inspiration as he leads by example, and that others will be drawn to his healing qualities and gentleness.

He is quietly competitive but publically cooperative and has the uncanny ability to put others first while sidestepping his ego and personal goals.

He has responded to this calling with confidence and will rise to life’s uncertainties while leaning on his inherent self-belief and underlying motivation to serve. 

And so…

As you lie in bed at night, tempted to play out the events of the next day – remember that time is an illusion and the only thing that matters is the present. Focus on your breath, release the mind chatter and feel gratitude for the moment.

At times it’s natural to feel as though you’re going through this journey on your own. You may even get lonely. 

But remember that it is in this space that you discover the depth of who you really are and the Divine power that surges through your veins. It is in this space that you create peace within you that can be visited any time the world gets a little too hectic. You’re in the process of distributing your energy in new ways, and as part of that, your soul tribe is coming together. In the meantime, this foundation of independence is what will allow you to give to others more freely. 

I am so incredibly proud of my son – we are never alone because we are never truly apart …

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