My Essential Oils Journey – A New Beginning

‘Amongst the types of remedies that will be used will be those obtained from the most beautiful plants and herbs to be found in the pharmacy of nature, such as have been divinely enriched with healing powers for the mind and body of man’ – Dr Edward Bach

I may have been in a creative slump of late, but recently acknowledge that I am still a sensitive soul with big dreams of serving the evolution of humanity.

I continue to envision ways of raising the bar of personal growth and I am motivated to navigate each breath I take, by the precision of my inner guidance.

Deep down I knew that everything I had known to be my destiny would unfold in ways that I least expect it …. because that’s the way nature works.

Week by week I had channelled the wisdom of the Universe, oftentimes, without a single person acknowledging my offerings or even reflecting the nature of its validity. But it’s ok because I know for the most part writing was my escape and I guess I wasn’t really concerned whether the content challenged the sanctuary of belief structures held by others because the process had kept me happy, engaged and satisfied.

With no attachment to whether I was liked, appreciated, respected, or needed, I kept my head down, delivering each blog as if to an entourage of followers and served each vulnerable client as if they were the entire world. After all, I had chosen a life of service and I had come to understand that each beautiful interaction gifted me with a safe space for my personal evolution.

After a short break at home, I was back with one of my regular clients’ but I had a sense that unseen change had been initiated. I was under no illusion that I would be navigating rough seas ahead but I had no idea the extent to which the family had gone to ensure a ‘virus-free’ prison. 

The fear in the home was palatable and  I could not comprehend how her precious immune system could be protected against the onslaught of neurotic behaviour, anxious conversations, and ultra-conservative overtones. The poor woman was bombarded from all directions and at the time I had no idea that out of this ‘miserable existence’ I would come to discover essential oils – my greatest joy. 

Luckily I had a set point from which to monitor what I was going through – I look to my body for clues and realized that every confrontation left me feeling exhausted, angry and emotionally drained. I was being triggered, and my emotional indicator included explosive outbursts, resentment, irritation and this had lead to an escalation of powerful, suppressed feelings that were manifesting throughout the day.

The client’s family believed that ‘essential oils’ were going to be her ‘saving grace’ and while I do acknowledge that they may have contributed to her well-being, given the circumstances, I was sceptical and unimpressed that they were so naive as to think that oils could counteract the negativity that was prevalent and consumed every conversation? 

I had to admit that there was no denying the hypnotic aroma and the invisible yet powerful emotional benefit I was feeling of these healing gems.

It was love at first smell and as the days rolled into weeks I was blown away with the genius and beauty of one of Mother Nature’s finest gifts.

Not only are ‘essential oils’ accomplished physical healers but they provide us with the energy needed to open the heart and enter the emotional realm.

Raising our vibrations by smell alone has the power to change our perceptions.

The oil that had captured my attention was doTerra ‘On Guard – not only had it shielded me from physical, environmental threats but it had most definitely helped me ward off negative energies and parasitic relationships in a very difficult placement. 

Looking back, after only 3 weeks of ‘indirectly’ applying the oils, I had successfully instilled clear boundaries, protected my integrity in my work, and had withdrawn from all confrontation – I became a silent witness…

I didn’t think much of it at the time but I do remember feeling quite liberated as I started to approach each day in alignment with my true self

The ‘lockdown ‘ really kicked in but luckily I had moved on to a new placement.

The oils now took centre stage and just like so many others thrust in a world of isolation, the creativity of a different nature started to flourish. Physically guided in divine form by a beautiful ‘soul sister, I aligned with spirit as the source of undeniable magic and decided to sign up for an “Aromatherapy” course! 

Life had provided me with this opportunity and I was ready to step into the unknown. So with relentless faith and unwavering determination, I anchored myself quietly in the background with the knowledge that transformation starts with me – I could step into my own laboratory and be the subject of my own experience.

Documenting my journey meant that I could ease into the role of a ‘first responder’ for those exploring their own healing. I know that I have a unique vibrational frequency and feel confident that those looking for me will find me…so 

I invite you to drink in the divine nectar of aromatic love and let it penetrate your soul in the deepest, most profound ways.

Trust that the oils are working side-by-side to heal, regenerate, and teach you.

The more you use them, the more they’ll reveal their secrets to you”

You can contact me if you want to find out more – love Kim

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