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“Why do we close our eyes when we pray? when we cry? when we kiss? or when we dream? Because the most beautiful things in our life are not seen but felt by the heart and exist in the soul.”

Love is the path of least resistance. Everything begins to change when you love yourself and the more you love who you are the less you seek validation and approval.

Louise Hay was a master of self-love and affirmations and I was fascinated by her Mirror Work research and practice.

What this entailed was looking into a mirror, falling in love with what you see, saying affirmations with compassion and totally embracing the beautiful reflection of your soul by looking beyond the physical.

I realized immediately that this would be a challenging exercise but one that was necessary for my expansion.

Avoiding mirrors was the norm for a multitude of reasons all of which stem from the detrimental internal monologue of self-depreciation, self-judgment and self-loathing.

And so the process towards self-acceptance, self-trust, and forgiveness became the order of the day.

I struggled with this because I realized that I didn’t love myself – I loved others, looked for others to love me, and tried to get loved by others. The lack of love was from me to me and it was pointless verbalizing affirmations that lacked belief and conviction.

To be successful at this technique I knew I had to lean on the teachings of Wayne Dyer who helped me bypass the physical anxieties and really get to grips with the ineffable question of “Who Am I?”.

The integration with mirror work is effective because he suggests how the ‘I’ that is used to describe oneself isn’t the physical form that we occupy and take with us everywhere. Instead the ‘I’ continues to inhabit many bodies from birth to adulthood.

From one second to the next we are not the same body – the ancient philosopher Heraclitus described this beautifully –

“All things are in motion and nothing is at rest. . . . You cannot go into the same [river] twice.”

And so what is the ‘I’ – it is that changeless component to who you are, your higher self, that “which never changes” (Muktananda).

Why is that important?  It is because you need to look beyond the physical and remind yourself that you have been perfect since birth and you still are!

Keep this in mind and it will be much easier to look into your own eyes, to see your soul, and to love yourself unconditionally.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change”

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