Live-In Caring enabled me to walk the walk – Free Carer Life Coaching

We are the Invisible Army...

“The frontline knowledge bearers of those in our care. Being isolated is nothing new to us – we have long been exposed to the challenges of our work environment and the feelings of loneliness. But now, it’s not about us, it’s about those we serve and it is time to unravel our own personal journeys, rediscover our self-initiated healing process and impart that wisdom to those who turn to us for not only physical but emotional support.”

These are unprecedented times.

We, as carers are amongst the minority who have the privilege of earning an income and supporting our families during this economic crisis.

Our profession is priceless and for once we find ourselves in the position of greatest service, with an opportunity to raise our game and play our part…

We are all born with the organic gift of coaching – through natural, heartful conversations with one another we have learnt to hold a safe space for each other. In a world of polarities, we can choose to listen to our ‘intuitive nudges’, especially in a time of global isolation and collective contraction – we just need to trust the process and not focus on the outcome…

Live-In care has enabled me to ‘walk the walk’, bringing out the best in myself to be of service to others.

I have developed an overwhelming appreciation of nature, slowed down the pace of my own life and remain eternally grateful to those beautiful souls who sacrificed their lives so that people like me could evolve.

Free Life Coaching For Caregivers

My hope is to offer some relief to those caregivers who find themselves inadequately equipped to deal with the emotional chaos of our current external environment, to show up present and calm, and to hold someone’s hand during the winds of change.

It is time to ‘awaken the healer within’ and prepare for a powerful personal reset!

I have been inspired to help by offering my services in exchange for your time.

Together we can navigate the contrast and reconnect with our sacred responsibility.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – after all in times of SOCIAL ISOLATION all you have is time…

Kim Bloomhill, United Kingdom

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“We are billions of caterpillars forced into our cocoons, being called on to change from the inside out, to metamorphize, to rest, and reflect, and sprout wings”