Listing To The Guidance Within

Having made a decision to accept the ambiguities around the word ‘God ’I would invite you to contemplate the following – something I had to transcend in order to move on;

If the word “God” upsets you, but the word “Source” or “Universe doesn’t. There is still inner work left to do.

 Vishuddha Das

As I opened myself up to feelings of gratitude, it became evident that the Universe, together with my personal spiritual team (guides, angels, etc.) were communicating subtle innuendos, gut instincts, and profound insights.

One morning, on 3rd August, when my brain was hovering in an enlightened “theta state”, I had one of those “aha” moments.

Theta brain waves are like a silent voice found in the realm of the subconsciousness and only experienced momentarily as you drift off to sleep from Alpha and wake from deep sleep (from Delta).

I felt withdrawn from the external world but with a sense of deep, unifying, spiritual connection with the Universe – this elusive inspiration originated from within – I wanted to create and design a bracelet with a message!

The concept was essentially linked to mindfulness, and open to those who are willing to consciously detach from their ego before reacting, and contemplating…

What Would God Do”

It was to be of great significance to me in the ‘care industry’ where daily challenges would test my compassion, love, and understanding of the person in my care.

The bracelet would serve to highlight that our true nature is God’s nature, and we are to act as if our thoughts are his!

Let thy will be done (let your thoughts prevail)

-“Course in Miracles” –Marianne Williamson

What to do with this Inner Guidance? 

Pray (conscious surrender),
Let go (detach from the outcome),
Listen (intuitive process).

I give my ideas to the Great Mind of God, I let go of them, confident that the creativity I need will come to me in ‘Divine Timing’.

Caring is a selfless profession where our purpose is to love and serve others – I was somehow always drawn to professions of servitude, and was reminded that-

“Nothing in nature lives for itself,
Rivers don’t drink their own water,
Trees don’t eat their own fruit,
A flower’s fragrance is not for itself,
The sun doesn’t shine for itself,
Living for each other is the rule of nature”

I am pleased to say that when this bracelet epiphany was revisited at a later stage, it appeared again with great gusto!