Life Lessons from Ganesha – Coconut and Clay

Removing Obstacles and progression towards material spiritual prosperity

Today is special, it is the birthday of Ganesha, the Elephant diety, who idea offered so much joy and comfort to me at the beginning of my transformational journey. 

Initially, my interest in Ganesha was because of his association with Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. But, I can understand why they are worshipped together as their qualities beautifully compliment each other in the sense that material wealth has no power unless accompanied by prudence and wisdom!

I have wonderful memories chanting the mantra while mindlessly chiselling away at household chores. There was, and still is, no better way to relieve the mundane tasks we face as carers and help elevate our spirits and voices in joyful song (luckily clients are often hard of hearing and opportunities always presented themselves at the most advantageous times)

I have shared the soundtrack that continues to make me smile as I recall the special moments spent in the homes of some of my dear clients-

Coincidently, at the beginning of a new venture, journey, or project the chant Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha is used to clear the path ahead of potential difficulties. This chant invokes Ganesha, and as well as removing obstacles, he is known to place obstacles in front of us, so that we may overcome them, and learn and grow as individuals. 

Ganesha offers humanity a special gift on his birthday, an ancient technology involving a powerful karmic transfer. Through specific ceremonies, he is said to absorb people’s karma, then be sacrificed on their behalf to remove it. 

I would like to share two popular karma removal technologies that are prevalent on his birthday and widely celebrated –

Coconut Technology

Destiny can only be altered through sacrifice. Smashing a coconut is symbolic of the sacrifice needed to create a new destiny.

Clay Statue Technology

The second technology is using clay statues of Ganesha. Clay statues of the elephant-headed god are created for his birthday. People believe that these statues absorb their negative karma and when dissolved in the ocean, represent Lord Ganesha’s sacrifice on their behalf. 

I have a  video clip that you might enjoy if you are interested in knowing more about these celebrations and bringing energy into your life-

Ganesha Chaturthi 2019: How to Contact Ganesha

So on this special day, I would like to rekindle my love for this loving deity who is said to reside in the unconscious of humanity. In Siddha tradition, it is said that at this auspicious time, we can ‘access’ his archetypal intelligence and power and shift it from the unconscious into the conscious mind, and in so doing assume his God-like characteristics. For me, his connection and presence will always be special and I will continue to call on him when difficulties arise and wisdom is revered.

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