International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) – Monday 21st September

Growing up in a Christian home meant that Sunday morning Church was a weekly ‘ritual’. We were members of the Anglican Community and although the sermons were sometimes diverse and interesting, the basis of the service was structured and repetitive. 

As we celebrate ‘Peace Day’, I was reminded of that awkward part of the service when it was obligatory to shake the hand of a stranger while mumbling ‘peace be with you’. I remember keeping my eyes lowered and trying to avoid eye contact with any advancing members of the congregation. I always dreaded that part of the service and secretly hoped, just for once, the minister might forget all about it…

Looking back, I realize just how much I have grown, the importance of breaking the barriers of our egocentric world and unequivocally embracing the love that we have been given so freely to share. I grew up being taught that only extemporaneous prayers were truly from the heart, but over time I have learned that sometimes I can best express my heart through the words of others. 

So,  on this momentous day, I offer you the beautiful sentiments written by Francis Nuttall. It is called the ‘Prayer of the Chalice”  –  a prayer to be a vessel for Divine Light and Love. Much love to you all today x

Father, to You I raise my whole being
– a vessel emptied of self. Accept, Lord,
this my emptiness, and so fill me with
Yourself – Your Light, Your Love, Your
Life – that these Your precious Gifts
may radiate through me and over-
flow the chalice of my heart into
the hearts of all with whom I
come in contact this day,
revealing unto them
the beauty of
Your Joy
of Your Peace
which nothing can destroy.