Individuality to Universality – a Season for Change

Everything in life has a season and as we move into spring it seems like the right time to anchor into this high vibrational growth period of the Universe and plant the seeds of our intentions. When we pulse with the rhythm of nature we align with the creative powers of the Universe and we grow with her – we actively move in tune with the heartbeat of mother earth and feel the connectedness of all that is. 

The energy of spring is one of accelerated transformation – a time to harness creativity and collaborate with our angelic team – to recalibrate our lives and choose to either make ‘heaven a place on earth’ or alternatively a ‘living hell’

It seemed appropriate to represent this thought with a beautiful piece by H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji who captures selfless living and being in the flow of evolutionary growth by alleviating suffering through collective involvement and human interaction. 

I have heard the story of a land called Hell. In this land, the people are emaciated and famished. Yet, they are surrounded by bowls and bowls and platters and platters of luscious food. Why, then, are they ravished with hunger? Because, in this land called Hell, their arms cannot bend and thus they cannot carry even one morsel of food from the plates to their mouths. Their hands grasp fresh bread, ripe fruits, spoonfuls of hot stews. But, in this land of Hell, their bodies can not receive the nourishment of this, for it cannot reach their mouths. Their stick straight arms wave wildly in the air, desperately trying to figure out a way to carry the delicious food to their mouths.

The people in Hell cry out day and night. They futilely try to force their arms to bend. But the arms are rock-solid straight. They try to eat directly with their mouths, but this is forbidden and they are beaten for it. So, they wither away for eternity in this land of never-ending frustration, deprivation, and starvation.

I have also heard the story of a land called Heaven. In this land as well, the people have only stick-straight arms. They, too, are surrounded by platters and bowls of scrumptious food which they cannot carry to their mouths. Yet, in Heaven, everyone is plump, well-fed, satisfied and joyful. Why is this? If you look carefully you will notice that, rather than obstinately trying to bend their own unbendable arms, they have simply learned to feed each other.

This is truly the only difference between Heaven and Hell – growth and stagnation. We have a choice to move with the seasons or remain stuck in an endless loop of suffering based on individual gain vs social advancement. Do we wrestle each day with situations, desperately trying to change the unchangeable – determined to go it alone, passively ignoring others who are also distressed? If so, we are living in the hell of our own isolation and frustration…

However, if we assess a situation, see how it can be improved and graciously give and receive help by putting aside our ego – we are then able to nourish each other and use love to turn our lives around!

Change in our world is inevitable, just like the seasons their energetic signature can either break or make us – we can choose to live our lives for the highest good or we can spin out of control and lose sight of our connectedness. Collaborating with nature and becoming a ‘team player’ can help us to set symbiotic intentions that are powerfully amplified. 

May I encourage you to ask for help, open your heart and mind to the abundance all around – co-create with the Universe, take advantage of this transformative season and always remember that ‘you are never alone’

Thank you angels for revealing to me the undeniable connection I have with mother earth – my intention today and always, is to breathe in the perfection of nature and work with the unfolding beauty of life by participating in this adventure for the highest good of myself and all those who I serve”.