How to Use Essential Oils For Emotional & Spiritual Healing

Essential Oils can support one’s healing in many ways:

  1. They help Heal the Physical Body
  2. They help to improve immunity and reduce toxic load. They assist the body to fight microorganisms, purifying organs, glands and body systems, balancing body functions and raising the body’s energetic vibration
  3. They can help to Heal the Heart

Essential oils and emotions

As the oils secure our physical health they provide us with the energy needed to penetrate the heart and enter the emotional realm.

Essential oils raise the vibration of the physical body and consequently lower energies (such as suppressed emotions) become unbearable. The body wants to release these feelings. Stagnant anger, sadness, grief, judgement and low self-worth cannot exist in the environment of balance and peace which essential oils help to create.

Healing is a process and can be divided into release and receive. We must be willing to experience the cleansing if we truly want to heal. Resisting this process makes healing more painful. There needs to be an element of surrender so that you can continue on the path to healing. Loose the old to make way for the new.


Essential oils help individuals to take an honest look within. They foster the right environment for healing but they will not do the work for us. If we neglect to do the work of pulling out the weeds, we have simply watered the problem. On the other hand, when we combine essential oils with emotional work, we reap the fruits of our labour

Release Limiting Beliefs

Unlike emotions which are temporary in nature, beliefs are long term and deeply rooted in our subconscious. Beliefs are our deeply held framework that is forged from the conclusions we make about our experiences. The belief framework forms the lens through which we see life. This is used to define our identity. Essential oils assist in illuminating the emotional patterns of deeply held beliefs, encouraging us to identify what the limiting beliefs are, relaxing the trapped energy and associated emotions and finally replacing them with positive beliefs that will serve our highest good.

Increase Spiritual Awareness and Connection

All beings were created with Divine Intention. Acknowledgement of our spiritual nature and connection to our source is an essential part of healing. Most important in this stage is the awareness of that intention and the infinite love available to us. It is from this place that our healing can become more complete

Inspire Fulfillment of Life’s purpose

When we have experienced the previous four aspects – essential to healing holistically -we are now ready to fully actualize our purpose and potential. This stage is where we achieve the clarity and courage to follow the path that is meant for us.

Tuning in to the Mind-Body Connection

Identifying the exact emotions you are experiencing at any given moment can sometimes be challenging. You know that you are feeling something but you may not know exactly what that is – thankfully emotions are experienced throughout the entire body so we can look to it for cues.

Our brain’s limbic system governs our emotional responses and sends different chemical messages for different emotions we experience. Our body has specific physical reactions to the various chemical messages thus providing an indication to the emotion that triggered them. Eg ‘stressed’ is an emotional state that generally causes the release of extra adrenaline and cortisol. Those chemicals trigger physical reactions such as increased heart rate, changes in breathing, perspiration etc.

The brain in context with our individual experiences and beliefs will shape which emotion we feel and how. This is where essential oils come in – they are by no means a ‘magic pill” but an experienced practitioner will be able to intuitively suggest oil blends that can help alleviate the manifested symptoms, for example, an overwhelmed client may also be feeling overworked, stressed, unappreciated and fatigued and a blend of Tangerine, Serenity, Red Mandarin and Basil may effectively address all these concerns…