How to Heal without painkillers – Reverse Psychology at its Best!

Every time someone heals themselves, they are breaking a belief system about what was once thought impossible. Each time someone breaks through that veneer—through that layer of consciousness—they leave a huge footprint in consciousness for the next person to step into. This means that the information & memories of what is possible are now imprinted in the field… Joe Dispenza

If not for ourselves let us remember that every change we make is critical to the evolution of humanity. It may not feel like it at the time but there is more to our journey than what is presented to us at face value. A physically challenging client ultimately ignites the inner healer, but deepening our trust is paramount to the process and instrumental to the interrelationship of our mind, body and soul.

After a couple of days into my new placement, I had fallen victim to those dreaded mind loops steeped in dead ends and knotted thoughts that fold back on themselves. I was basically trapped in the uncertainty of the unknown and of course, this had manifested in doubting my ability to manage the booking for 4 weeks. 

I knew one way to still my mind was to expect less and accept more, appreciating that the less animosity I felt towards my circumstances, the less fuel there would be for the fire of my mind.

If we can just accept whatever comes as God’s blessing, then our minds will neither be filled with cravings nor disappointments nor fear nor aversion.”

H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji

The feelings of hopelessness are especially heightened at night when we embrace the comfort of our bed and our systems prepare to shut down.  It is here that I have found refuge in the intelligence of the heart and its ability to uncover the causative root of any discomfort.

Dropping into my heart was my only real ‘pain relief’ and I can honestly say that with localized breath work, and clear imagery I was able to navigate my physical healing while exploring simple mind – heart coherence. Deliberately moving out of the mind and focusing on the power centre of the heart not only makes one feel better but indirectly contributes to a stream of nourishment for myself and others.

How does it feel to be in your heart?

In my experience, I feel the simplicity and spaciousness of mind coupled with a peaceful balance between the world of matter and the life of spirit. I become more receptive and open to nothingness where options and solutions arise spontaneously on their own and a grounded feeling of ease initiates a wellspring of healing.

How do you drop into your heart?

In simple terms, it is a case of shifting focus from the head to the heart centre by placing your hand over your heart, allowing the sensation to draw you in. When thoughts and emotions pull you away, try to bring the energy back and don’t get ‘disheartened’ when you are distracted – just keep returning to the sense of presence in the heart.

Does it really work?

Absolutely! As one leans into the pain and fear, and in my case the exhaustion and fatigue, it is evident that basic awareness will dissolve the discomfort, and simply having the courage to remain present, will heal even the deepest of wounds. So as the mind melts away and the heart takes centre stage there is an overwhelming sense of peace in the presence of an undeniable transformative process.

The best part of the coherence state is that you are able to exist in the ‘now’ and have no need to escape anything. The very act of letting go ignites incredible resilience – all you need to do is take a deep breath and keep moving forward. 

So instead of accepting negative emotion rising within you as just a normal part of life, you will understand what it really is: clear, obvious, in-the-moment guidance that requires a deliberate response from you – the response of choosing a better-feeling thought…