High Performance Goal Setting and Visualisation Using Divine Visioning

This is an interesting one – finding synergy between techniques used by elite athletes or professional teams, and the spiritual experience of divine vision, to go to the next level.

Those dreaded night calls can be an unwelcome disruption to the deep state of restorative sleep – that natural healing phase that we so look forward to especially as professional carers.

For me, it was a blessing in disguise, a reminder that situations are divinely orchestrated, even if not entirely obvious at first!

Later, as I stumbled back into bed I must have drifted into REM sleep. Under what must have been perfect conditions, I was able to remain lucid in the throws of a powerful vision that accompanied me into my waking day. A Divine Vision with extreme clarity, and renewed insights that had always eluded me. 

I was inspired by a sense of pride that one of my purposes in life is for the evolution of someone else close to me…I suddenly had a mission, a reason to continue sharing my precious gift. I felt compelled into action, motivated by a shift in perspective as resistance melted away. Suddenly it all made sense. 

The release of resistance followed expansion as I tapped into the feelings of gratitude for the sleep-deprived situation that I initially despised. I knew that in order to manifest my vision, I have to continue to evolve into a different version of myself. 

To do this I must forge ahead and lead by example so as to hold a safe space for others to evolve – because “as we lose ourselves in the service of others we discover our own lives and our own happiness.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf

It was as if I was projected into the future with a strong sense of moving out of my habitual thought patterns and leaving my past behind.

The impressions I received  transcended all barriers and thrust me into a space of infinite possibilities – having a vision is undeniably an inside-out, intuitive process, that leaves you breathless, 

It wasn’t the first time I had experienced a ‘Divine Vision’ but as an athlete, I could relate more to the practice of Goal Setting and Visualization (mental rehearsal). 

Goal setting involves making a list of outcomes that you want to accomplish in the future.

Visualization is a way of creating in our thoughts, the mental equivalent of “what” we want to happen as if it were already so – the typical Law of Attraction scenario – an outside-in process. 

‘Goal setting is a tool, visualization a technique, but “visioning is a process by which we train ourselves to be able to hear, feel, see and catch a divine plan for our life or for any particular project we’re working on’  Rev. Dr Michael Beckwith.

I knew that I needed to establish a practice that transcends a random, one-off experience and puts me back in the driving seat.

In my next blog, I’ll tell you some techniques that help to harness and engage in the Divine Visioning process! 

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