Hidden Within Your Life Story is your Life’s Purpose

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” Gospel of Thomas

Evolution has always been our ally and we have been blessed with a rich history that has supported and guided us towards becoming individuals who can grow through our unique stories, uncover our Life’s Purpose and help to transform the world. 

We do this by constantly expanding our consciousness and therefore the Cosmic or Universal consciousness in turn – just as the perfect ecosystem in nature, conspires to create order!

We live in a highly organized Universe, and our life has a pattern that has been subtly unfolding according to the contrast that has been weaved into our story. Our personalities reflect our capacities but our hidden powers are triggered when we are able to move beyond the entangled ego and embrace the lessons that have shaped our very existence.

The analogy of resistance training in the gym best describes the tenacity of the human body to respond favourably in what seems to be an extreme situation – you have to rip and tear your muscles in order for them to grow. Although they are being torn at a microfibril level, overall there is ultimately a shift in strength… 

Similarly, we are able to work through difficult, challenging conditions to become stronger – to become a greater expression of ourselves – but, we may need to experience pain and discomfort in order to achieve that! 

“Obstacles are not blocking the path, Obstacles are the path” 

Our stories have the power to liberate others who are captive in their own stories that they believe are irreversible. As humans, we are not too dissimilar from one another and more than often there is an underlying common thread in all our struggles and fears – our Life’s Purpose often emerges through the pages of that story!

Fear has two meanings – forget everything and run or face everything and rise

Healing, transformation, and growth are not linear – the experiences of contrast are refining, defining and developing us. Understanding our own journey and uncovering our unique gifts don’t happen by accident – peeling back the layers will put us in a strong position to learn, grow and contribute to the evolution of our collective souls.

“You like the person you are becoming.

And, more importantly, you are starting to love the person you already are.

You’re seeing opportunities where you once saw defects.

You’re bridging your spiritual wisdom with your physical experiences.

You are fine-tuning who you are from every angle

and the result of that will be an unveiling of so many parts

of yourself that you never knew existed.

This is when the real fun begins.

Everything you have been through is preparing you 

for this breakthrough…”

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