Teacher Coach and Carer – The Start of a Journey

The Start of My Own Transition Aged 52

My pains (people in a care role can you relate?) were Scarcity / lack of funds / struggle / deep unhappiness / loneliness / isolation

My goal was to remove all forms of scarcity from my consciousness and create both inner and outer wealth in order to live a more fulfilling life

All I had ever known was the teaching profession, training and coaching, and I accepted that taking a new path would take me out of my comfort zone and into the depths of a somewhat daunting journey that would (unbeknown to me) ultimately evoke a giant leap in faith and amazing transition at the tender age of 52.

Anytime you’re gonna grow, you’re gonna lose something. You’re losing what you’re hanging onto to keep safe. You’re losing habits that you’re comfortable with, you’re losing familiarity.

At first, I looked at my new job as a means to an end, a stop gap -free board and lodging and the opportunity to build up some funds in the UK. I did not anticipate the incredible journey that was unfolding or the lasting impact it would have and still has on my life.

My own self-exploration began in those precious quiet moments that I took advantage of while in the service of my 4th client.  My daughter who had recently returned from a 12 month trip to Mumbai, had a profound influence on me at the time, as I was fascinated by her yoga and meditation experiences which had intensified her spiritual energy. I wanted to engage and emulate her behaviour and as there are no coincidences I started to explore Eastern traditions and stumbled across Dr Baskaran Pillai, a spiritual leader dedicated to bringing science and religion together and in so doing alleviate human pain and suffering in all forms.

I invested most of my free time into learning what I could about Eastern spirituality because somehow, it felt authentic and supplementary to my own mainstream religion and western practice. If you’re open to the idea of a universal consciousness its easy to do and has nothing to do with the narrow vies of faith.

Guided by his teachings I began to explore his concept of wealth consciousness and grew an interest in the Hindu deity of wealth, fortune and prosperity – Lakshmi. I discovered that a specific sound, “Brzee”, was transmitted to Dr Pillai by a great Rishi named Vishwamitra. Dr Pillai enhanced it further by pairing it with the sound “Shreem” which is said to be the seed sound of Lakshmi.

This powerful mantra “Shreem Brzee” which, with consistent use, can “remove all forms of scarcity from your consciousness and create both inner and outer wealth. It was all about vibration and vibrational shift which took on a much deeper meaning and understanding as I was soon to discover.

I became more aware of Ganesha, the elephant-headed God because he is the one who removes any obstacles so the energy of Lakshmi might come through. I created a beautiful prayer that went something like this;

“I call on Ganesha, Lord of the Ganas to help remove all obstacles, abundance blocks and karma from my subconscious mind and help me live a conscious life where dreams, imaginations, hopes and desires can become a reality”

I dabbled in the rituals and was careful to use the chants at the precise times said to be allocated to the relevant Hora times for the specific Ganas. It was generally a time of great happiness for me.

This feeling of happiness, which lifted my mood was what I honed in order to get through menial tasks and challenging situations – everything seemed to start falling into place my abundance took on many faces and for once I felt that I had enough and I was enough.

At first, I felt awkward praying to Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity rather than the God who I had come to know in my early years through faith and religion. With a little more searching I did get some clarity and acknowledged that Lakshmi (and Ganesha) are but one of many ‘ganas’ or angels that visit the earth to help humanity and that their purpose was to assist rather than dominate and take the attention away from God. You can read more about Ganesha here

And if it is true that everything happens for a reason, then what came next just makes sense – it was time for me to start understanding the impact of vibrational shifts relating to feelings of happiness.

It was time to uncover just what universal laws were unfolding!