Fork in the Road – Every choice has a consequence…

As we approach the new decade, for most it is a time a reflection, for closure and a new start.  A huge opportunity for expansion, growth and significant energy shifts. I for one have had a fascinating 10years but to be honest, have really only ‘lived’ the last two – magically stepping out of an old reality into a new reality. 

Moving to the UK at the end of 2017 marked the start of a journey thwart with struggle but drenched in possibilities.

Caring gave me a safe space to enter into a collaboration with my soul, acceptance of ‘who I am’ and a desire to be a cog in the wheel of collective awakening. Inspiration has been Divinely orchestrated and edged me to venture down the road less travelled – a path that would change my life forever and lead me to rich and meaningful experiences that would be documented and shared.

As 2020 approaches I feel that I am back at a crossroad. Faced with a choice again, a need for change, and a bettering of my current circumstances. Contrast has allowed for expansion by sharpening my ability to focus – to choose what I want based on what I don’t want and come to decisions about a new direction by trusting in my intuition and surrendering all that I am to the Universal forces of nature.

And so I contemplate an important question: Who do I need to become, and what do I need to believe, in order to live a life of prosperity and service? As I launch my new business website I am ready to help usher in a new worldview, a new way of living on the Earth, a way that honours each person’s impulse toward the Divine and honours the sanctity of all of life. 

I am committed to my soul purpose and ready to step into the light – for me, it is an evolutionary imperative that  we  “be the leaders of our many brothers who are seeking for the way, but find it not.” “It is our function to remember Him on earth, as it is given us to be His Own completion in reality. So let us not forget our goal is shared, for it is that remembrance which contains the memory of God, and points the way to Him and to the Heaven of His peace. (Lessons from a Course in Miracles)

Finally, from the bottom of my heart, I wish my family, friends and the collective consciousness an extraordinary New Year, filled with all the love, joy, success and abundance that each person deserves and desires. As 2020 enters our personal space may you be reminded that you are the creator of your own reality and every choice has a consequence so choose your words carefully and remember-

‘I AM’ are two of the most powerful words in existence for what you put after them you become…

Much love x