Fixing Back Issues, Abdominal and Knee Pain, with a “Full Tank” of Gratitude

Your Belief System and Memories will Run Your Life and Body if You Let It – Our Power is in Our Thoughts!

I suffered from back issues for some time but managed to quell the pain and work with it. However, when abdominal and knee pain simultaneously ravaged my body, I knew that there was more to this torment and I needed to pay attention to the encrypted messages that had manifested in a conglomeration of problems that were pronounced with every physical undertaking.

Was this an opportunity presented to me to become a walking laboratory and heal myself through mental and spiritual modalities, and did I believe in myself enough to manage my own health having been exposed to a multitude of disempowering sources?

In giving care we tend to the needs of others but rarely take time out to nurture our own bodies. If our perception of our work is more important than self-care then it is time to knock out that limiting belief and appreciate what we have. How many times have we put ourselves in harm’s way at the expense of our own safety?

Present Reality Based On Past Fears

My anxiety around the back pain deepened and the ‘possible’ immobility that ‘may’ develop over time had me wrapped up in a web of negative energy. This coupled with a history of cancer in the family and the fear that this affliction was something dark and sinister that had been handed down through the generations and was now lurking in my system poised to invade! 

But it was not enough to eliminate the fear – I had to replace it with love, forgiveness and acceptance – to move from a shutdown system to an open system of positive growth. The signs had intensified and I could no longer brush them aside. My body was responding to the call of emotional blockage and a toxic environment that had been chemically induced – I needed to address that in order for true healing to manifest … and the Hay House Heal Summit was my saving grace

Bruce Lipton’s talk was repeated each day (Regenerate New cells and Boost Your Immunity Naturally) and for me the reason for that was obvious – he reminded me that I am not a victim of my hereditary but instead, I am the master of my genetic activity. So I have the power to reprogramme the ‘record, playback mind’ that keeps me trapped in fear and tune into the conscious thought that enables me to maintain my position in the driver’s seat?

In terms of healing – we now know that thoughts change the chemistry that is released into the blood – in other words, the mind sends the incoming message from the environment to the brain which in turn translates that into either dopamine and oxytocin from a pleasant experience or stress hormones and inflammatory agents from an unpleasant experience.

So in my case, if I was living in a constant state of fear because of the daily reminder of pain in my body – these chemicals were shutting down my healing process on a subconscious level and inhibiting the effectiveness of my immune system to repair and grow. 

The action or function of the immune system is tied directly to our perception of life. — Bruce Lipton, PhD.

Power Nests in The Choice to Live in The Present

Ultimately the power we use in our lives is based on choice. The real choice of empowerment is to live in the present moment… or not. When we are self-aware in the present moment, we connect to the infinite power of creation and we are more in tune with the messages we are receiving. With the clarity of self-knowledge, we have the power to transform our lives.

I often take the opportunity to revisit some valuable spiritual tools that I sometimes neglect (I’m human), and work myself into a better place – I have the knowledge but like all of us, I am not always good at giving myself good advice! 

It’s quick to get back on the road to recovery when I acknowledge my past programming, listened to that beautiful still voice and continue to become proficient in the art of flipping the switch on negative thoughts. When they do pop up in the form of physical pain, I am reminded that I am in the driving seat and my incredible body works best with a tank full of ‘happy’ chemicals fueled by gratitude.