F.E.A.R…Forget Everything And Run…Or…Face Everything And Rise

“Fear is such a powerful emotion for humans that when we allow it to take us over, it drives compassion right out of our hearts.”

Thomas Aquinas 

It was with some trepidation that I offered my services for an up and coming emergency booking. I know that my destiny doesn’t unfold with a plan and that I needed to trust in the reasons why this placement had arisen at the most appropriate time. 

I decided that I wasn’t going to be derailed by the ‘how’ I am going to cope with 4-night calls, every day, but rather be empowered by the ‘why’ the anxiety around sleep deprivation is a genuine fear and at the same time, figure out the way forward. 

After all, my new client is intersecting with my reality in such a way that I have been given the freedom to meet something new in me – allowing me to become more of what I am becoming…

An opportunity for an Emotional Upgrade

I know that having an experience of fear is not entirely proof that I am operating from a lower vibration – but instead, I have the chance to meet fear so directly and so earnestly because I know that I am vibrationally ready for the next highest level of any uncomfortable emotion.

In simplistic terms – if we look at the subject of Maths – at every grade you learn a different aspect of the subject, with each grade being a higher level of the one before, but at the same time each grade creating a foundation for the next higher level of learning. So if fear is likened to Maths – you are are not going through the same fear every single time – when it comes up it is the next level in the grading system – in the educational system of life.

Transforming a Weakness into a Strength 

The memory of a previous placement had triggered me but now it was time to look at things differently – to reactivate and not react. If I think of all the negative emotions that have been intrinsically connected with sleep deprivation, I knew that I had to do this differently – changing my perception allows me to rewrite the chemistry in my body…

“Thank you, Divine, I am, for allowing me to build an even deeper relationship with this emotion – it may feel the same, but the opportunity is the next highest level for me to meet it and treat it as the Divine I am…”

After all, what could an expectation be but liberation realizing itself and in a world of polarities where contraction is only expansion in progress, I am grateful for the opportunity to untether the feelings of fear, dismantle the old paradigm and see my small part in contributing to the vibrational frequency that has the power to change our world.

Because, in the rules of engagement, I have a chance to bring out the best in me and when my actions are naturally caring, calm and radiant with love, it’s an indication that I have developed the power and capacity that will transform my limitations as I continue to emulate more of the unconditional attributes of the Divine

I have the perfect environment to enhance a skill set that is empowered by my inner strength because inevitably, performance is potential minus internal interference and 


So it is with excitement and eagerness that I approach this placement. I have grown, I cannot be derailed, I am never alone and I fully trust that I am ‘in the right place at the right time’. So when life throws you a curveball, remember…

“Just as God planted the oak in the acorn, God planted your destiny in you. Rest in the soil of your soul and let it grow.”

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