Everything Changes and Nothing Stands Still

“I have built a home with another person a few times now, always expecting it to be a lasting haven. As the storms come and went the homes would show their weakness and eventually come apart. Being left with the dread of sadness and the hollow feeling of unwanted new beginnings, it has finally started to dawn on me that if I build a home within myself, a palace of peace created with my own awareness and love, this can be the refuge I have always been seeking” Yung Pueblo

As carers, we are trusted to care for beautiful souls whose ‘vessels’ no longer serve them and whose mental capacities have failed them – it is never easy but we do what we can knowing that at some point they might make their transition. 

However, we are never really prepared when it does happen and often we have to brace ourselves for the wave of memories that surge through our bodies and flood our emotions as we mourn the absence of their physical presence.

It is an absolute privilege to take care of those who ultimately change our lives forever. They cross our path to help us see aspects of ourselves that have been suppressed or denied and their soul contract ends when their work is done. Looking back, we acknowledge with love, the part they played in our own evolution.

Today I honour a special lady – my ‘lockdown queen’, a true gem who made her transition peacefully, surrounded by the love of her two beautiful children – united and by her side just as she would have wanted it to be…

We forged our friendship during our time in isolation – valuing and seeing the joy in everything. Her love of nature enabled me to develop an intimate connection with the flowers in her garden and we never took for granted the picturesque view from her breakfast table – we shared a genuine appreciation for the natural world.

She always put others needs above her own and felt deeply sorry that the carers had to ‘endure’ some of her hardships. But for us, she was and will always be one of the most gracious, humble, beautiful souls that will forever be in our hearts.

“May your creative, and tenacious spirit continue to remain with us always as we feel you in the morning breeze and the warmth of the sun – you have never really left us and we know that a new journey awaits you…travel well special lady”