Empowering Unity: The Collective Potential of ‘Power of 8’ Intention Groups

The need to move beyond the boundaries of ourselves as individuals and to bond with a group is so primordial and necessary to a human being that it remains the key determinant of whether we remain healthy or get ill, even whether we live or die. It is more vital to us than any diet or exercise program; it protects us against the worst toxins and the greatest adversity. The Bond we make with a group is the most fundamental need we have because it generates our most authentic state of being.
– Lynne Mctaggart, The Bond

The Power of 8 is a concept and group practice created by author and researcher Lynne McTaggart. It’s based on the idea of harnessing the power of intention, group consciousness, and the practice of sending positive intentions or healing thoughts to others in a group setting.

McTaggart’s concept revolves around the idea that when individuals come together in groups of eight, they can collectively focus their thoughts to bring about positive changes or healing, not just for themselves but also for others. The number 8 is significant because it represents balance, infinity, and the potential for transformation.

Participants in a Power of 8 group typically gather either in person or virtually, forming a circle of intention. They then focus their attention on specific goals, whether it’s healing for individuals, a community, or the world. The group members are encouraged to concentrate on these intentions for a specific period resulting in a magnified and expanded effect, loaded with healing potential.

This collective consciousness, results in a sense of connectedness, heightened empathy, and positive transformations in the lives of the participants as well as those for whom they’ve directed their intentions.

When we relax and send out a positive Intention our Vibration rises, our Well-Being increases and the Universe rewards us with the same “Rebound effect”

Simply put – here is how it looks…

  • The intention recipient is selected
  • The actual intention is made available so it can be revisited if the mind starts to wander
  • We take three deep breaths  – in for the count of 5 and out for a count of 5
  • In the final exhale we drop into the heart space
  • We focus our attention on the area of the heart and breathe in a casual steady rhythm
  • Together we imagine the breath is flowing in and out of our heart
  • As we begin to relax, we imagine a white light surrounding each of us and
  • Simultaneously visualize this light flowing from our hearts deep into their very essence
  • In our mind’s eye, we see the recipient of the intention and
  • As we repeat the intention amplified by the flow of white light we see them completely and permanently healed of all concerns – healthy and well in every way!
  • Notice how they look physically, and picture them emotionally happy and connected
  • Breathe through the heart, repeat our intention, and steadily hold this image
  • As the music takes centre stage our attention amplifies and
  • We continue to bring awareness to this powerful coherent state
  • As the session draws to a close we disconnect from the recipient
  • We retract our energy, open our eyes and just be with our feelings for a moment…

If you would like an Intention or would like to nominate someone to receive an Intention please reach out by email and have in the subject line “Request Intention”.

Together we are stronger

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