Embracing Differences: Nurturing ADHD with Abraham Hicks’ Teachings

Every individual possesses a unique blend of energy, and it is in embracing this diversity that true empowerment emerges. ADHD, with its distinct qualities, offers an opportunity for growth and the discovery of untapped potential. By shifting our focus from limitations to possibilities, we can embark on a journey of understanding, acceptance, and transformation.  Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks, as a collective consciousness, focuses on the power of positive thinking and aligning with one’s inner guidance. While this article may inspire an alternative approach from a broader perspective, it may still be valuable to consult with professionals to develop a holistic approach to supporting individuals with ADHD.

Sometimes as a parent, when important decisions need to be made regarding the well-being of our children we simply don’t have all the information to consider all the options. We are more concerned with societal norms and less with the unique pace at which they are navigating this world. Children are naturally inclined to be in alignment with their inner beings and move through life with eagerness and excitement. Instead of embracing their curiosity, we ask them to slow down and selfishly establish guidelines that accomplish compliance and stifle creativity.

Are we rewarding mediocrity when good behaviour is valued more than the evolution of thought? Shouldn’t we be celebrating the abundance of energy, heightened activity and out-of-the-box thinking, as indicators of a strong life force? Are we drugging our children with resistance when their true nature is to soar? Shouldn’t we be trying to keep up with them and their love of life? 

This insatiable thirst for expansion if harnessed effectively, can lead to extraordinary achievements, but how do we find strength within those challenging moments to support and encourage them?

 I believe that integrating Abraham’s wisdom can help individuals navigate this journey but they cannot do it alone –

So to the child with ADHD,

Your uniqueness is your power. Embrace who you are and know that you have immense potential. Your energy and enthusiasm can create wonders in this world. Focus on your strengths, follow your passions, and trust that you are here to make a meaningful impact.

To the Parent,

Your child is an individual with their own unique path. Love them unconditionally, support them in finding their strengths, and focus on their well-being. Understand that there are many paths to success and happiness. Trust that your child’s journey is unfolding perfectly, and offer them guidance and encouragement along the way.

To the Teacher

See the potential in every individual, regardless of their challenges. Recognize that each person has their own learning style and pace. Create an environment that nurtures their strengths, encourages growth, and celebrates progress. Your belief in their abilities can help them flourish and overcome any obstacles they may face.

Through the lens of positive thinking and alignment with inner guidance, individuals, parents, and teachers can embark on a journey of growth and self-discovery while nurturing the unique abilities and potential of those with ADHD.

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