Celebrating My Physical Birthday…a Time to Honour those in my Life Past and Present

“With my first breath, a spiritual essence and purpose became a part of me and gave me life, caused my heart to beat, and my systems to work, and activated my physical growth” 

Today is my physical birthday, a visionary day for my soul as we celebrate the time we have had together, the memories that we have shared and our special connection with the Infinite on this celebratory day! 

I have come to realize that we have two birthday opportunities to be grateful for each year- the one when we are born into this time-space reality and the one when we awaken to our divine nature!

The 23rd of July reflects the first day of my journey, and the birthday messages I receive today are from all the beautiful people who played a role in codifying the experiences that shaped this phase of my unique story. Thank you to all of you for the love, the contrast and the friendship that you have shared with me over the years and the contribution that you have all made to my external guidance system

My spiritual birthday, which is the start of the second part of my journey, is when I became aware of my eternal soul and relationship to the cosmos – a gradual awakening experience when I first ‘peeked behind the veil of my ego’ and discovered that part of me that has never changed – that internal guidance system that I now turn to for inspiration, creativity, and true happiness – the place where my ‘Life Work’ resides

“Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.” Wayne Dyer

I stumbled across something profound this morning which was the best birthday present ever and really cemented my future plans – According to Kabalarian philosophy (a blueprint to human existence combining Eastern philosophy and Western science”) – I am a 6 birth path and I would love to share an excerpt as to what that means as it is so profound to where I am at and where I am going…

Entrusted with the responsibility for the well-being and care of humanity, you would be happiest where you can express your purpose as a leader and authority in a specialized field. Your role is to research and understand basic principles in order to discern the reasons for the challenges that face people. In understanding these reasons, you could provide solutions for others that would have lasting benefits. Your potential to maintain stability and control and to make intelligent decisions, even under extreme conditions, strengthen your role as a leader. Self-reliance, independence, and originality of thought are qualities to assist you in accomplishing your goals.