Heart and Soul Care’s story reflects a journey of choices. When I started to view every relationship in my outer reality as a reflection of my inner world, I started to approach challenges as opportunities to expand my understanding, experience and awareness.

Where I am now…

Today I choose to live from the level of my ‘true self’. I approach each meaningful interaction from the standpoint of living in the present and I have started to attend to the ‘now’ to claim my future.

Once we know why something is happening, we can employ the immense power of the mind, combined with the eternal clarity of the soul, to not only alter our experience of what has happened but to create our experience of what will happen. After all, our reality is not what we think we are seeing, but what we think we see after we have added our own past experiences.

I’ve been privileged to have the freedom to study, innovate, experiment, and live a life rich in contrast.  As my consciousness continues to expand, I no longer think from a contracted mindset but have opened the gateway to possibilities and potentialities – I feel appreciation for ‘what is’ and eagerness for ‘what is coming’

How it all happened

An athlete, mother and teacher from Southern Africa, to a Live-In Carer, Life-Coach and Mentor in the United Kingdom.

As a carer, I initially sold my talent on common sense and an extension of natural parenting. A means to an end profession, a stop-gap with free board & lodging and the opportunity to build up some much-needed capital. At first, I embraced the new practical skills learned, but after what seemed like a whirlwind of training, and a crash course in client diversity, us newbies were thrown into the deep end with daunting client profiles and a journey into the unknown abyss. As I moved on from client to client I realised that nothing could have prepared me for a world where conflict dominates cooperation and where we are faced with daily struggles that range from verbal abuse to physical demands – nobody really taught us to take care of ourselves – to rise up and step into our power – to dismantle our egocentric world and enter the realm of the soul where internal guidance resides and surviving is toppled by thriving in challenging situations

I was determined to find a solution for keeping sane, regaining self-esteem, remaining hopeful and getting through it all. So with seriously limited resources or help, I set out to build the most proactive, the most sustainable, most reliable methodologies to ensure I could cope with the intensity of the industry. Each interaction has been documented as I continue to reactivate instead of reacting to each beautiful soul that has been an integral part of my personal evolution.

And so, Heart and Soul Care was born providing me with the opportunity to serve others by sharing my wisdom and remaining an eternal student in the educational system called ‘life’.

My Purpose and What Defines me

My purpose is to continue to tap into the playground of subtler energies where extraordinary knowledge resides. We are in the midst of an evolution of human consciousness and I feel that I have a sacred responsibility to help those who seek my guidance.