My Mission is to show up

If you are ready to opt out of the old paradigm & live an untethered life

Sometimes you can feel you are in no man’s land, between dimensions, ready to shift into the next level of consciousness but not quite sure how to get there. You might be experiencing an existential crisis and fear is in the driving seat…

Often I find that people are looking for permission not to feel that they are falling behind the curb and always trying to get one up on life – searching and believing that the acquisition of things is a reflection of success. But the minute you want to FIND something, you are in lack and therefore in resistance, only to be released through the dismantling of the ego.

This is Conscious Evolution!

The process is multi-layered but ultimately the path is an intense pursuit of liberation, shedding the skin of enslavement to our ego and unraveling the matrix which starts the process of inquiry…’ who am I?’

Shining the light on awareness is where I come in – I am not here to save anyone and I have released all desires to even change anyone  – instead, I honor where you are with respect and neutrality – celebrating the totality of your experience in the present without judgment. In return, I ask that you open yourself up to conversation without expectation and allow the now to be the totality of the experience.